Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still Storming

Yep, it's still raining! We did get a little break today, the sun even came out for a bit. But, here we are, getting rained on again, right at dark. I knew this one was coming so I milked and did evening chores a little early. We actually skated by in a tiny sliver and didn't get much of the storm, it's just raining more on us now. Like we need any more water here. Everywhere around us is flooded!

I made a little bit of money cutting a tree up for a farmer down the road and it burned a hole in my pocket. I spent it on plywood to fix the holes in the floor. I made myself a chicken laying box with the scrap. I hate to waste anything if I can avoid it so with just a tiny bit left over and a sturdy chicken box to hang, I'm a happy camper! And yes, I built it in the front room. It was raining outside! LOL

I've been having trouble getting the cows milk to form a good curd since she calved. I made a batch of colby tonight and added a bit of chloride to it that I have for the goats milk. It seemed to help some. I got a decent curd and it's in the press right now. I hope it looks good when it comes out of the press in the morning.

I have been mulling the idea of using those simple solar driveway lights for alternative lighting around the house. I picked up a couple of those single led lights and a couple of the 3 led spot light ones. The spot light ones are wonderful and 2 of them together puts off enough light to read by. They also have on/off switches. I have been using them out in the barn and they're working out great. I haven't quite gotten past the ideas in the head stage but I will share what I come up with when I get something solid worked out...


  1. I, also, have a few solar lights to use if the lights go off. It seems easier than candles or flashlights. I do have several means of lighting. The driveway/walk lights stay near a window to stay charged. I also have some clipon candles for the Christmas tree, all set to go. They did need batteries.

    I have a blog draft about my alternative lighting for when and if the electricity goes off. Maybe neither of us will have to use them tonight or tomorrow.

    The storm is headed this way from Texas. I hope my raggedy roof does not fly off in a strong wind.

  2. I'm in central Indiana and am having the same crazy storms Illinois is getting. I love the way you used up the scrap lumber for a laying box.

  3. Hey PP, hope your roof made it thru the storm! I'll watch for your blog post.

    Granny, it's been nasty, eh? Somebody needs to kick the jet stream already.

  4. Please send some of that rain to southeast GA! So dry down here right now. Thoughts and prayers to the folks in your region who are dealing with that mess.


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