Monday, April 4, 2011

Self Sustained -Food is Survival

I read this yesterday and it made me very angry so I put it on the back burner until I got over my initial urge to , well, something. The original article is posted over at and the title of the article is FDA says you have no right to real food unless they give you permission first. Excuse me? Needless to say, time has not lessened my intense anger over this. To put it frankly, who the hell do they think they are? There is no one breathing, on this earth that will tell me what I can and can not eat. I will consume whatever I damn well please, when ever I damn well please! The FDA can kiss my furry butt! As a matter of fact, I slobbered my breakfast toast with fresh, home made butter, made from unpasteurized cream and ate fresh from the chicken eggs too! And, God forbid, I'm drinking unpasteurized milk in my coffee!

Wake up folks, this is what your tax dollars go to support. This is what your government has in mind for you, complete and total control. Our government intends to push foods laden with chemicals and preservatives down our throats and we are supposed to be good little mindless slaves and like it. But, don't worry, when we all get sick from the fake food we've been told to eat, there is the universal healthcare mandate waiting to decide if we get proper health care! Of course, the government will be in full control over that too, very soon. So, keep going to your job every day and keep working so you can keep paying your taxes and the government can stay funded and control every aspect of your life.

As for me, all I have to say isn't very Christian of me, so I'll just keep it to myself for now while I figure out how to produce more real food in the garden spot I have. I will continue to eat what I produce for myself. I will not be forced to consume commercial foods, not now, not ever.


  1. Amen, preach it, sister! I am currently making cheese from unpasteurized goats milk and I, too, had an egg from my very own chickens for breakfast! The gov't and the FDA can go....uhmmm...screw themselves as far as I am concerned. That's the most polite way I can put it!

  2. I saw RED when I read that article the other day! Are they serious (obviously)! I have EVERY RIGHT, based on what our forefathers founded our country on (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) to feed my family whatever I deem fit! Big Brother needs to get out of my business!!!

  3. WOOHOOO! That's right ladies, we sure do! Elizabeth, yep, I'm still seeing red! Lamb, LOL, that's exactly how I feel!

  4. I think big brother has more in mind for us than we can ever imagine,and none of it good!We may not have anything to eat when the powers that be get thru with us.God forbid! Blessings jane

  5. Two thoughts:
    The 1906 laws enacted were to prevent the manufacturer from canning meat with rats, cigars, trash, and lost fingers and selling it to the public. (all food actually) Read Dreiser's The Jungle. He set off this furor in 1906. The Pure Food and Drug Act impacted safety and cleanliness. Why was milk not regulated then?

    The Biblical dietary laws were for Jews only. The laws were set down so that they could remain healthy because of a lack of knowledge and facilities we have today. Jews are and always have been free to eat whatever they please without the government interfering with their choices. This is not to say that many Jews follow their dietary restrictions to this day. Hey, I do not agree with them, but it is their right!

    Citing neither Jewish traditions and beliefs or the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act will not make the FDA position any stronger.

    Maybe we can make it a test of faith--drinking raw milk. Okay, start a milk and egg religion and we can all join. I would not do drink raw milk on a bet because it is dangerous. But, hey, I will eat food from a dumpster, even meat and milk because I control what I will consume and have my own standards. Besides, as a child I hated fresh milk when we went to Aunt Willie's down in Mississippi.

    Any feelings we might have about these government meddlers would fall within your Christian rights. There are non-Christians who would support your stand and rights.

    You notice the govt will allow you to feed your children all the high fructose corn syrup laden, chemical laden, fattening food. They even put it in the schools! Please, do not protect me. What? It's for my own good? Yeah, put me on a pedestal and see how fast I fight you. I should be allowed to eat as I please. Let's all go eat dirt. Will they outlaw that. No, because big business could not make money. I hate paternalistism. Do not try to protect me from myself.

    I support your right to consume raw milk!

    My chicks were never vaccinated. Is it against the law to eat their eggs? They got worms a few months back and really turned me off eggs. However, I treated it with diatomaceous earth and cured them. I know all the raw milk people take precautions, so my eggs or your milk...who can say except the individual what is good for the individual?

    Next thing, they will come into our homes to see if we cook pork at the right temp, refrigerate fresh eggs, keep the freezer at the right temp, and wash our hands.

  6. Hey PP! I like how you put that. LOL, the Christian side of me keeps me from saying what I'd like to say because it would be very, very rude ;) Our government has become overly meddlesome and people just plain don't like to be meddled with. "They" are trying to get in our heads, in our homes and they haven't the right. As long as I breathe, I will not comply with this stupidity.

  7. I think we just repeat history. It is a problem with humankind. We constantly make more and more laws to help protect ourselves but another thing about humankind is that eventually those laws become unacceptable because in reality we all know we should be as free as any other animals, so we fight against them. Has happened in every society so far and it will happen again.

  8. Hey Becky! Yes, I agree. The worst part of it is, more rules, laws etc don't make us safer because the criminal element doesnt care what the law says. I don't need uncle Sam to protect me, i am perfectly capable of doing that for myself. I sure don't like where this country is headed, that is for sure.

  9. No wonder you are angry over this. Its no small thing they are trying to do in their urge to control everything. Where did the land of the free go?


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