Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rough Starts

When I get woke up before daylight, I know it's going to be a rough day. Never is it good news, not once. so, once again I have to move way before I'm ready and put on one of several "hats". Today was the road side mechanic hat. That crappy hyundai (throw away car) is not what I would have chosen for the daughter to drive (damn boyfriend of hers). Anyhoo, I got it home and she's off to school in my dually. How is it I'm still the one she calls when something goes wrong? What happened to the adult thing? Oh well...

Daisy calf christened me this morning during milking. Yep, I got pee'd on, again. Better than getting kicked on the fly-by I guess, LOL.

The bunnies are all out of the box in both pens now and the third doe is happy with her box and should kindle on Friday.

The chickens graced me with 18 eggs this morning. What a difference a little sunshine makes!

Oh, yesterdays mail brought me a nice surprise. I won a really sweet duffle bag from over at the EconomicalSurvivalinfo blog. It's a great blog with lots of interesting info, gear and stuff on it and a section of free prepper E-books. Yes, I am "into" the whole prepper thing, not because of bullets and bandaides but because it is a self reliance based ideal and it goes with the homesteading, self sustaining, self sufficiency thing. It just makes sense more and more with how the world and our own government is behaving to at least start to think more toward self reliance. Anyhoo, check out kottonm's site, it's nice.

We've (us down here in southern Illinois) still got a night or 2 of unfavorably cold for plants weather still to come for this week. I am very ready for the warm nights to start staying around so I can get my kitchen back! LOL This happens every spring so you'd think I'd just suck it up and get over it, LOL. I complain but I love it, every single messy second of it!

Enough time has passed for the latest round of medications to pass out of the cow and I saved the first round of milk this morning. I hope to be sharing some cheese making on the blog very soon...


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good day, well except for getting peed on and grease under your fingernails! Glad to hear that the cow's good to go for cheese. Good deal with the bunnies too after this past winter! 3 litters!!! And it sounds like the "girls" are back from their TeaParty. 18 eggs in ONE DAY? Sweet!

  2. You get to sleep in until it is light outside? According to my *milking* friends, that is a vacation. LOL.
    I had a vacation day this past week. Normally I am up in the hour of five, and on Thursday,after sending off the troops, I went back to bed. Til 9. ahhh.


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