Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quiet Waiting

Here's a peek at one of the newest kittens on the farm. Butter cat had these hid in amongst my canning jar shelves.

We had a nasty squall of a storm roll thru here this past Tuesday. Ripped roofs off, knocked down trees and knocked power out to several thousand people in the area. Wednesday morning broke to show all the nasty damage. To add insult to injury, Thursday night brought the next round which is still pounding us today. There's a line from around Tulsa OK, where the storms are forming from, that just keeps coming, one right after another. This little anomaly has not moved east at all. It has dumped plenty of rain on us and if ever there was a time I was glad to not have anything in the garden yet, this is it!

Having trouble getting the milk from the jersey cow to form a good curd to make cheese with. Not sure what's going on with it but the curd does not want to cook down to firming up. I'm open to any ideas...

Happy Easter......


  1. I'm glad that you have weathered the storm (so far) and didn't have any major damage. I'm down here where it's all starting and they are saying that it's supposed to continue to rain for the next few days. Of course we need the rain badly but the timing could not be worse for us at the new homestead. We've been trying to get the well hooked up and need at least a half a day of good weather. For some reason Mars doesn't want to do electrical work in the rain?? LOL

  2. Oh Scifi, being soaked isn't helping, is it? LOL, tell Mars no guts no glory, LOL. Yep, we're good here, just wet and muddy.

  3. MM,
    Glad your still around and finding odds and ends $$ making jobs.
    Is your cow out on new green grass? I always found that the first few weks our Jersey was out on new grass her curd was soft as well as her butter. After a few weks all was back to normal and the butter was a brilliant yellow, almost orange. I also noticed that the flavor of the milk was a bit stronger as was the butter in those first weeks. Don't ask me why I'm no scientist, something to do with the change in foods and reactions in their rumen.

    Those nest boxes look just like the ones we build, but Dh added a piece of scrap 3/4" PVC out in front for a place to jump up to( ours are 2 ft off the ground, mounted on the wall)

    Praying you get some sunshine, although the moisture( in our case) is a welcome blessing to get our pastures off to a rapid start.



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