Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Rain

A quiet morning. I like it. Weekends here aren't fun anymore. They are full of disruptions of my normal schedule. Not to mention the time consumed that I could be doing other things with. My week days are much more rewarding.

A little spring rain today, it's been raining since early this morning. Normally, this time of year, rain would be a welcome thing but I see 2 or 3 cold nights (in the 40s F) coming for this week and that simply will not do for the tender seedlings. So, nothing gets planted outside yet. By Thursday, I should have a full round of corn, onions, garlic, carrot and radish put out. Another week before the plants taking over my kitchen even have a chance of hitting the dirt.

Johnny, the billy goat, got some free time this weekend. The goat pen is in need of serious repair so a free range romp around the farm was in order. Critters get bored being penned up with no where to run and play. So, everyone got a free day to run around, graze and act like goats. Of course that meant a few minutes of extra work like setting gates up here and there but the stress reduction on the critters is worth it.

Well, off to get work done, the dirty cow pen awaits.....


  1. I took my plants to the front porch,got tired of looking at them in my kitchen! It has rained here all day also. Got our gardens tilled yeasterday,so happy days are here again!!! Blessings jane

  2. We've had two days in a row of sunshine, I almost don't want to say anything because I fear I'll jings it! LOL!!!!

    Our goats have been enjoying their corral in the pasture, so they can graze, but they always like returning to the barn.

    Back to making yogurt and I'm going totry my hand at goat cheese too*wink*

    Our garden plots are way to wet to even consider tilling. I'm thankful for the greenhouse, it gives me a way to plant and dig in the dirt before we typically can here in MT.

    Blessings for your week.

  3. Hi Jane! It poured rain on us again with some cold nights so I will have to turn the garden again before I get to "go". Yep, happy days are here, it's spring, kind of! LOL

    Hey Kelle! Don't jinx it, LOL. I wish I had a greenhouse!


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