Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If It Ain't One Thing...

It's another. Nothing is ever easy here. It just never goes as planned, ever. For every aspect of good here, all my hard work, I am always punished with something bad. Anyone who thinks being self sustained, growing all your own food is easy or fun is definitely mistaken.

Between the sick milk cow(again), the temporarily psychotic herd dog( bad dog, again), the suddenly insane rabbits, the daily easter egg hunt and mother nature throwing curve balls (Sundays storm blew part of the old barn roof off), things just keep rolling up into a ball.

Just for once, I would love to have things here be just simple and go the way they are supposed to. Sometimes I wonder how our unbelievably tough and resilient ancestors managed to not go completely insane.

I almost hate to even say that my seedlings are doing well for fear of waking up tomorrow to a table full of dead plants. At least I still have seeds germinating. A few items I've planted this year have taken longer than normal to sprout (cold weather, overcast days) and some have popped right up like I always expect them to do. Some are on the table doing so well, I will need to transplant them into bigger containers before the garden soil has warmed up enough and some aren't growing as quickly as they should be.

How about a good day for tomorrow??


  1. Hardships Mother Nature throws our way is the reason many young people were willingly moving off the land. It is hard. Remember all the Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons episodes, full of problems. Working in a factory or office is clean and out of the rain and cold.

  2. Ooops, I was not through and Linda above is Practical Parsimony. I really hate your problems are all at once. I cannot wait to hear about the rabbits. Is that dog worth keeping? lol.... I read that if you leave hens cooped up until noon, they mostly have their egg-laying finished and won't lay in the yard. I have not tested that.

  3. Sometimes life just hands us curve balls! I have so many garden plants in the house we are all begining to get fed up with them! wishing for planting weather. Hope things get better soon.Blessings jane

  4. Oh dear! You sound quite frustrated by it all! Being self sufficient and growing all your own food is hard work! Always hard! It's not the stylish fun thing to do that a lot of people think it is. You have to decide if it's worth it, and you are the only person who can make that decision.

  5. I agree with you that being self sustainable is not easy. Don't worry everything will get better.Spring is here so things will start looking up :) Just think ..where would you be if you weren't doing this?We ask ourselves that every time something goes wrong which seems to be on a daily basis. Every time we make something ourselves to help out our budget(example laundry soap) prices for everything else jumps and we are back at square one.

  6. Hey PP! Yah, I hear ya on the clean and weather thing. I don't mind being dirty, wet or cold. Just when everything comes apart at once, I wonder why I'm doing this :( I hope after the puppies are weaned, the dog goes back to the way she used to be. No more puppies!

    Hey Jane! LOL, yes, the seedlings end up all over the place here too. But then, it warms up and they all get to start producing and it makes it all worth it!

    Hey Sheryl! Yep, today has been a rough one, for sure. Not fun at all.

    Hey Coley! I know it, it's frustrating, isn't it? Makes me wonder how people that don't live frugal can make it.

  7. MM,
    Hugs to you! When it rains it pours, at least that is how it is around our homestead!
    I have some peppers( hot) that didn't germinate, I think due to cold and grey days. I tried to keep a heat lamp in the mini greenhouse, then lambs and chicks showed up and needed the heat lamps elsewhere*sigh* I'm replanting today, in hopes they'll grow and catch up to the sweet peppers. I need to repot the tomatoes, peppers, melons, herbs, cabbage and whatnot, now to find the time to get it all done.

    Do you have insurance on your barn? We don't have insurance on any of our outbuildings, because they wanted almost as much to cover those as we pay for our house and garage.

    Sick animals are never fun, we have a goat doe with scours, worried aboutt he others getting it too, it's always something.

    Praying things start to turn around for you, soon. :o)

  8. Hey Kelle! Thanks for the hug, I needed one! I know you know exactly how it feels to have everything come on to you at once. It's so darn depressing and always makes me wonder why i do this. Darn weather is goofy too and that sure doesn't help ;)


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