Saturday, April 30, 2011

A break in the Clouds

We finally got a break from the constant rain. Everything is soggy of course but the boy was excited enough by even the prospect of getting to shoot skeet that he push mowed around the root cellar/duck pond. It's been a long time since we could even afford to shoot a couple clays around here. I got a few shots in while grilling our lunch, in between the flips. Even the college kid took a few shots. She just didn't want her brother to out-do her, LOL. They even conned a neighbor to pull for them, LOL. He didn't want to try it himself tho.

Check out those crazy kittens. There's 2 there from different Mommas with my old cat, Shadow. Shadow is 9 years old and has adopted both litters of kittens, tends them like they are her own.

Possible rain showers on and off thru Tuesday so I'm hoping to get a few things planted. The over night temps are still in the mid 40s.

I sold 7 bunnies to Rural King yesterday, my son's friends mother works there and they needed bunnies so they got some. Got a decent price for them, plus I don't have to feed them to butcher size. That's a win-win situation. I have 9 more that are 2 weeks old plus another batch I havent counted that were born 3 days ago. The rabbits are doing well this year.

Thank you all for your comments on the passing of my old mare, Dusty. I miss her very much.

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  1. MM, So glad that things are going better! We're finally enjoying a break in the rains here. Thankful that we're not enduring anything like the tornados they had in the south. :( BTW, I just saw the post about Dusty. I'm SOOOO sorry. What a sad thing it is when an animal dies. Especially one you've had as long as her.


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