Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Yep, it's pouring down rain here. Thunder right with it. A beautiful, warm weekend we had tho. Lots of yard work got done.

I whipped up a wheel of colby (or tried to) yesterday and I'm not looking forward to it coming out of the press. I don't think I got the curd cooked down enough. It seemed good until after the 15 minutes of cool down time and when I put it in the press, it just didnt seem right. Oh well, I guess the learning curve for the jersey cow milk continues ;)

Polar Bear has been a good girl and I'm glad of it. She's such a good dog and so very smart. 14 days until the puppies arrive...

The seedlings are still growing and waiting. I have more of everything in baggies, working on germination. The new coffee plants have not emerged tho. I am always on pins and needles waiting for them. It better hurry up and warm up outside before my tobacco plants need transplanted tho. I think I started them a week too early ;)


  1. HI! Just wanted to let you know, I've been a long time 'lurker' and I LOVE your blog. You put out so much information and inspiration! I check it nearly daily and am even backtracking to see what I've missed! I'm so jealous of the cheese you make. I cannot have a cow or goat (hubs is NOT into that much 'homesteading') So I do what I can on our own little place, but have so often wished to make cheese. One day, I'm sure I'll hunker down and find someone I can get some fresh milk from. Till then, I'll live vicariously through you! I'm on the search for some decent coffee beans to plant for now. Avid coffee drinker here! Keep up the great blog. I'll be visiting again soon!

  2. Today I am making cheese for the first time! Will let you know how it goes!

  3. You inspire me to make cheese. But, mine will be from powdered milk I have and a recipe from a survivalist blog.

  4. Welcome Sage! Don't feel bad, my hubs is oblivious to helping out around here but he's never late for supper! I'm pleased you're enjoying the blog!

    You go for it Lamb! If it's edible, it's good, LOL. I made a few that weren't when I started out ;)

    Very cool PP! I have seen a few of those recipes, I've not tried them myself. Be sure to let us all know how it goes.

  5. I also enjoy your blog,and learn something new almost evertime I come here,keep up the good work! Blessings jane


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