Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Todays Experiment

Since it poured rain all day yesterday and is still overcast, I have decided to follow up yesterdays batch of cheddar cheese with some caraway cheddar today. While the cheese is setting, I'm going to work on more dehydrated eggs. "Watcher" from over at APN agrees with me on the taste of dehydrated eggs for eating but he says they work great for baking. So, I'm going to do a couple dozen more and store them for when I don't have any fresh eggs.

Since it's not blowing rain this morning, I opened up the barn doors and now Lucky the goat is running around on the front porch, calling for me. I hate to not let him in but he's big enough now that he does damage in the house. he's a goat and he is just doing what goats do, chewing on everything, jumping on everything and head butting everything. It breaks my heart listening to him cry but I can't sit out there with him all day and comfort him. He's a goat. There's other goats in the barn. he'll get if figured out.


  1. I may just buy myself a dehydrater too,do you store a lot of food using this method? It would be nice if you would consider doing a post on dehydrating foods for storage. I think that would get a lot of attention,and help a lot of people. Thank you,Blessings jane

  2. Oh neat about the egg. Another thing to add to my list when I get the dehydrator. At the moment, I buy my eggs, but never seem to be able to use them up by the expiry date...I HATE wasting them. Awww...Lucky will figure it out for sure!!!


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