Friday, March 25, 2011

Out Like a Lamb?

It's 37F for the high temperature today. The morning chores started out with great big snowflakes falling, turning to tiny ice balls and then rain. Walking around outside makes one feel like it's winter and not 5 days into spring. It's hard to imagine how close we are to planting outside in the garden when the weather acts like it is today. The restarted seedlings are all doing well and are growing.

Lucky the goat is doing well after his date with the snip and clip. He wasn't a happy camper about it but now he can stay the farm pet and not be a stinky goat. Today he is showing his disapproval of the cold weather by hanging out on the porch and complaining thru the window. Wish I could give him his own pen in the barn but the finances just aren't cooperating right now. He for sure is NOT coming back in the house. It was cute when he was little, but he's a big goat now.

Goober cow got a round of antibiotics today. Boy, was that interesting! I don't have a cattle chute here and I milk the cow just tied to the wall. Lately, I haven't even had to tie her, she just stands and waits for milking to be done. The good natured attitude was most certainly gone after the first needle prick and the boy and I had to come up with a make shift squeeze chute to get the rest of the medications in her without getting kicked or stomped on. Much easier said than done with a 1,400lb angered animal. We will be dumping the milk for a week now, the meds will need to work and be gone before we can drink the milk. Hopefully, we can take care of the problem quickly and get back to normal. It's always something here. What a boring life it would be if things didn't happen, eh?


  1. Help me with my ignorance, please? Snip and clip=castration, right? How does that keep him from being stinky? I guess it would keep him from being randy. Thanks.

  2. Hey PP! Yep, that's a snip and clip. It helps them with the urge to urinate on themselves like breeding billies do. The neutered male smells much better than an intact billy. I can keep my little pal without the nasty stink that doesn't wash off.

  3. MM, your plants look beautiful!! It was cold and icky here today, but just snow, no rain. I hope the ground warms up enough and the weather cooperates with us to do the early planting of cool weather crops in a few weeks!

  4. wow that's cold - it's 17 centigrade here and i don't usually comment but i love your blog and the way you write, i read every post - love frugal queen

  5. Hello Frugal Queen! Thanks for visiting! Oh yes, not happy about the cold, it was so nice just 2 days ago and now this nasty weather.


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