Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday, yah right

The last couple of days have been kind of icky for me. I picked up a bug from the weather change and have had a runny nose and the icky feeling with it. Yay rah, I hate being sick. I'm fighting it tho.

Had to give the cow a round of antibiotics, she's a bit under the weather as well. Wow, was that interesting! It was all the boy and

I could do to keep the gate pressed up against her. We couldn't get all we wanted to do with her done, she's too big for him to hold the gate by himself while I medicate the cow. She worked us over pretty good. I still stabbed her with several needles and even with the gates, that was not an easy task.

I'm a little miffed still from something that happened on Wednesday afternoon here. I feel disrespected by someone I've been helping since last fall. I'm not over it yet and it's kind of festering a bit. This person pulled up in my drive, laid on the horn instead of coming up to the door. I thought there was something wrong so I went out there. Turns out, all they wanted was to ask me to come put hay out, they'd been out of hay for a couple days. never bothered to text me or anything while the weather was nice like this person has done all winter. Hmmm, you show up on the last nice day we're going to have for about a week, lay on the horn like I'm a servant to be summoned and expect me to drive a cabless tractor 10 miles round trip in 38F with freezing rain to put hay out so you don't have to go out in the cold and throw square bales twice a day. Yep, I'm miffed and no, I haven't been to put out hay yet. I will not be treated like some low class servant to be called at the ringing of a bell on a whim.

I spent the day on and off cleaning out the critter barn. I need to get it ready to put hay in. Hay season is coming quick. I've got a round of taters in the dehydrator drying and a loaf of bread almost ready to bake. I did that while I was giving my back a break from the manure. I can still go all day long but my back doesn't think so. I even loved on my seedlings a bit!


  1. I have someone I try to help who has started acting like I am her cook and entertainment. I have been cooking meat she gets and giving her back a little less than half. She does not want to cook at all even when someone else gave her meat. Now, she wants us to have a picnic in my yard. You already know who will buy and prepare the food? Then, all her conversations start or end with, "Why don't you cook something good for us?" No matter what I do for her, she wants more. We left early Saturday for a planned errand for HER. I always take something to eat. She knows that, and I have told her to bring something or I will stop so she can get fast food. I took cheese, malted bird eggs, pecans, milk, and a coke. She kept saying, "I am so hungry." She makes me offer instead of saying "give me some chocolate," or "may I have some of those pecans?" I just kept nibbling. She KNOWS I have lots of trouble with blood sugar dropping! I only bring a bit for me. AND, I have suggested when I call her in the morning that she bring a snack. She has never brought or bought anything to share with me, and she has more money to spend on anything and everything. My generosity has now, it appears, become my duty. I was trying to help her out of a hole, but it appears she likes it there! Whew, venting is good. LOL

  2. Make em wait & if they don't pay the hell with them,you are struggling with your back now.Get some rest & take care.....

  3. Had a friend who use to suck the life out of me, always something to whin about, a problem of some sort she needed me to fix, only answered her phone id she was in the mood and took advantage of our generosity for over 35 years, I finally blew a gasket 2 years ago and sent in an e-mail that until she could stand up and take some respnsibility for herself I would not be able to continue to help with the complaining or money they never had (but she has plenty of coach purses) She hasn't spoken to me at all after that but it's OK, I needed to break loose of the door mat role I was in. If they show up blowing the horn next time I would wait in the house until they had the manners to come to the door, them explain to them this is your home, not a carry out joint


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