Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hump Day in March

Having a goat, a dog and 4 cats running around in the house is proving to be a bit of a nuisance. This is all that is left from the seedlings I had started 2 weeks ago. These are the tough ones, having been on the floor at least twice,
stomped, chewed on etc. Once again, I have a myriad of seeds "cooking" in their little baggie greenhouses. Hopefully by the time they sprout, I will have some remedy for the critter problem.

There was a nice frost on the ground this morning. That pleases me just a little, it lets me know I'm not behind in getting my seedlings going. It's still going to be a while before the soil warms up.

Still no calf on the outside. I think Goober is playing with me. She sure is enjoying all the attention. I don't mind her being so "lovey" either. I hope that trend continues. It sure is nicer than the rodeo cow attitude ;)

It's still pretty darn muddy here with more rain in the forecast for this weekend...


  1. Your seedlings look great, some of our slow germinating herbs are coming up and today and tomorrow we'll start everything else.

    BTW, we've awarded you a very deserving award, come over and check it out!
    Blessings for your week,

  2. Your seedlings look nice and healthy! Oh gosh, you have quite a herd running around the house, I sometimes get overwhelmed with just my two little pugs!!! The days are getting warmer, even here in the northern mountains...I smell spring! :)


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