Monday, March 14, 2011

cold and rainy Monday in March

Like the saying goes :"in like a lion, out like a lamb". Freezing rain over night and it was pouring cats and dogs this morning for chores. The rain on the barn roof was deafening and Daisy Mae was full of spunk. She knocked my milking seat (5 gallon bucket) over and kept running by and kicking it on me. Goober is doing well, producing 3 gallons a day, even with Daisy suckling. I decided to leave Daisy on her instead of raising her separated as some dairy folks like to do. I think she will be healthier if left with Momma and I don't need milk "that bad".

Funny, Elvis the cat has eaten the tops off of every seedling I started except the tobacco. Imagine that, LOL. She even hit the Romas pretty hard. I split 2 of the tobacco plugs up late yesterday afternoon and this is how they look today. They'll still need to be either split down farther or thinned out later on. Even so, I'm pretty pleased with it all.

I'm working on some cheddar cheese today...


  1. Oh that's cool, I've never actually seen a tobacco plant!!! Have fun with your cheese!!!

  2. That's odd, I have never heard of a cat interested in seedlings. Maybe a bunny would eat them. I suppose we should protect our seedlings from cats. I know I will have to protect everything from the hens. I am contemplating building little tents of chicken wire for my herbs I keep on my "rock garden."

    It's great you are leaving the baby with Mama. They need each other, I think. It seems Mama would miss the baby, be stressed, and give less or a lesser quality milk. Of course, I know nothing about cows.


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