Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cloudy and cool but nice

Today was one of those icky, overcast days that just kind of sucks the life out of you when you look outside. The temperature wasn't really that bad just the gray did me in. Morning chores went pretty easy and I spent the rest of the day house cleaning and playing on the internet. In other words, procrastinating.

Evening chores rolled around and out the door we went, the boy, the dog and I. half way thru the dark barn lot, the dog is barking, growling and otherwise throwing a fit. I shine the light over in her direction and there stands Goober and Daisy. Hmmmm, somebody (me) didn't latch the gate this morning. The dog has been in and out all day so I know the cow hasn't been loose for too long. Polar Bear got to practice her herding and after heading the cow in the wrong direction twice, she managed to bring her to the barn for me. A little feed in the bucket is all it took and Goober was back where she's supposed to be. The rest of the chores went without a hitch and the evening egg gathering found a broody banty hen! I was still thinking it was too early for nesting but that hen has been acting a bit broody the last few days. Hubster joined me for chores sunday morning and I made him put the eggs back in the nest for the banty because I thought she was acting a bit broody. For once, I got it right.

Still getting seeds to germinate, I'm about half way to where I want to be for this years garden. Now all I need is mother nature to cooperate, warm up and let me plant the corn and beans!


  1. How I enjoy your blog, mm...doing chores vicariously with you is a regular routine for me. Thanks for taking time to share :)

  2. Oh, I hope the broody hen hatches some chicks for you!!


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