Monday, February 14, 2011

Tons of Great Reads

While I'm in a holding pattern waiting for the first seeds I've started to sprout, I'm catching up on some of the great blogs I follow. There's plenty to read on the sidebar and 70 or so blogs I try hard to follow listed on my profile. Some are more active than others with plenty of strong opinions ( Mayberry and Bill Nye, Grumpyunk, Hermit Jim and commoncents) farming and sustainability (ga.farmwoman, sunflower hill, Pricilla, Lamb, Melonie, Barb and Steve, Scifichick, Debby and Modern Day Redneck) and so many others, all wonderful to read.

You should check em out!


  1. thank you for promoting them; may your garden overgrow in outout this year.


  2. Thank you for the plug. Oh man, the pressure is on now!

  3. Thanks, MM. I am strongly of the opinion that you are an OK Gal!


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