Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time Drags on

No cool pictures today, I finally got up enough change to get new batteries for the camera, changed them and the pictures are gone. That figures. The huge blizzard missed us almost completely. We saw a day of pouring rain and another day of light snow flurries that is gone already, even with the bitter cold temperature. Hmmm, what a disappointment.

I'm getting kind of antsy waiting those last few days before I can officially start seeds. I may not make it this year, LOL. I think I recall that I didn't make it last year either! My local Rural King has tons of seeds set out and several heirloom varieties. The packs are calling to me! I can hear them whispering "come plant me". I am pretty excited about this coming season. So many things to do, so many plants to grow. I can't wait to work additional dirt for the tobacco and the new spot for the beans and corn. with the prices on the commodities market continuing to climb, my home grown feed corn is more of a necessity than it ever was. I used to grow it because I could, now I will grow it because I need to grow it to survive. I may even try a crop of summer wheat to add into my flour mix.

Oh, the cow is officially dried off until she calves. Goober was actually drying herself off, giving a little bit less every day. Guess mother nature knows best. Since the Amish fellow I bought her from hadn't a clue when she is actually due, I'm guessing at it as well. The calf inside her is still rolling around so I know it's not in the next few days at least. The goat milking isn't going as well as I had hoped it would but I'll get that worked out sooner or later. The doe is the brown and white one I got from another Amish fellow and she's about the same as the cow, rodeo material. I don't mess with her near as much as I should, she's hard to catch.

So, not much else is going on around here, just waiting on spring to come around so I can get to cleaning up the farm, working the gardens and getting another season of feeding us going....


  1. I am glad we found each others blog. It sounds like you are further along in the big plan than where I am right now but at least I am on the way. I will read more of your posts as time allows.
    Thanks for stopping by and joining the Modern Day Redneck family.

  2. Modern Day Redneck, thanks so much for stopping in! I'm thrilled to have found your wonderful blog!

  3. Our local forecaster said we are stuck in a winter rut that doesn't show signs of breaking they have more snow set for Sun,Mon, and Wed. You're lucky you just got rain....we ended up with over 1/4 inch of solid ice on everything with about 4 inches of fluffy snow. Walking is now a game of stability...both me and my husband have already wiped out at least once(not good on a 9 month preggo belly..luckily I caught myself with my hands and knees.). Oh yeah and Joe Bastardi on Accuweather long range was saying expect the next 4 out of 5 winters to be like this or worse.......come on spring! Got a quick question...I was looking up wheat and found there is a red variety and a white variety...which do you use for flour?

  4. Hey Coley! Oh, protect that belly! Soft red winter wheat is grown commercially here and seed is easy to get. I over winter my garden in it. I also favor hard white winter wheat and I use a combination of both the red and the white, about half and half for my flour mix. The hard wheat has a higher gluten. It grows just as easy as the red.

  5. How do you get in touch with the Amish to buy or sell livestock? Are you neighbors?

  6. Hi Zev! Yes, a group of Amish moved into our area a couple years ago and established a community here, close by me.


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