Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Special

There he is, the king of the couch back, Lucky the house goat! Lucky is more or less healing up from his encounter on the front porch with our unhappy stock dog, Polar Bear. He's learning to eat feed and I've been soaking alfalfa hay for him. What he doesn't eat during the day is happily munched by our old farm lady, Dusty (30 yr old quarterhorse) every evening. I'm beating the possum to the eggs now, I got 9 yesterday and 7 this morning. That possum is hiding under the pallets I stack my hay bales on and I just don't have the time, space and energy to move all that hay to find him under there. His days are numbered tho.

I had a blog comment asking if I had ever dehydrated cabbage. No, I haven't, but I did have a nice conversation just a couple weeks ago in the APN chat with someone that had done it and suggested I try it for myself. I will try a couple of dutch flat heads when I harvest this year. If anyone would like to join the chat, just put a chatname in where it says "guest" and click on connect. Or, just come in as guest. It's an irc chat and there's lots of good folks in there. I join the chat in the evenings, between 8 and 10 cst.

The seedlings are coming along, even the ones I had to restart (thanks Elvis). Pictures of seedlings soon...


  1. We dried cabbage this year. It's great to toss into a soup!

  2. How are you going to get the possum? Is your chicken yard or house predator proof? Mine certainly is not. That's why I have hens in my house each night! Drying cabbage? Great idea.

  3. Hey HP! Glad you stopped in! Thanks for the "thumbs up" on the cabbage, always makes me feel better when I hear good things about something from more than one source.

    Hello Practical Parsimony, good to see you! My chicken free range, they just hang out all over the farm. I'd love to finish the chicken house but by the time I can afford to do it, the darn thing will need to be rebuilt(one side stood open all winter). Between the dog and I, we'll get that possum, one way or another.

  4. Come and get my trap if you need it. FK

  5. great results dehydrating cabbage, I shread then deydrate ours. Thanks for sharing the photo's of your baby

  6. Perhaps it's my Austrian/Scandinavian/Russian (I'm not Russian, but Finland used to be a Russian grand duchy, so we have the food culture) food culture speaking, but I couldn't imagine dehydrating cabbage. I'd probably end up shredding it and making sauerkraut all the way, for its vitamin content, and the fantastic flavours they develop when fermenting (and the sour cabbage juice can be used to start a sourdough!)...

    But it's an interesting idea, and will definitely be tested, once I get a chance. I'll always try things at the very least once! :)


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