Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seed Starting time, almost

It's almost that time again, Seed starting time! Penny asked me to post about the seed starting in the ziploc bag plan. so, i went back thru last years posts and I realized I had done more than one so I figured it would be just as easy to write a new one, LOL.

The small ziploc bags hold 3 peat pellets perfectly. I just soak the pellets to expand them, plant the seed in them and place the pellets into the baggie and zip it closed. I deposit the bag in the window where it will get the warmth of the sun and wait for my little sprouts. Once the seedling starts to grow, I open the bag, fold the top edge down to keep it open. The bag itself works well to hold water and allows the seedling to grow freely. What I like the most about this method is how easy it is to control. I have never had good luck with the peat pellet grow boxes. I always end up with moldy peat pellets and no sprouts. The ziploc bag works just like a micro greenhouse and keeps any stray draft off the seeds. I have never had a moldy peat pellet with this method.

This plan works well with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, egg plant, various herbs, flowers and tobacco. It does not work well with coffee seeds or gourds.


  1. A teacher in my son's elementary school used this method - punched a hole above the zip, used suction cups with hooks and hung them in the windows. Worked well as the kids could see what was going on with the seeds but not mess with them.

    Supposed it would work as well at home if you don't have usable windowsills.

  2. Wow, that's neat! I just ordered my seeds actually and was looking up methods to start the seedlings. I'm an amateur gardener! I'm renting so I can't dig up the ground, I'll be starting a container garden. I'm so glad you posted this method and what seeds it'll work for!

  3. Awesome idea! I am getting all antsy about starting my seeds....just champing at the bit here!

  4. Thank you! This was a pleasant surprise post! :D

  5. When exactly do you recomend starting the seeds? I am new to doing it this way. We usually just purchase the little plants from our local garden store but we want to try to start our own this year.
    Also is there a place that you would recomend ordering seeds frome. I am concerned that we will end up with plants that won't reproduce.

  6. Hey Bellen! I use all my south facing windows with this method. I even built a little 2 shelf growing thing to have more area for the seed bags. I suffer from major air leaks here and the baggie method is how I avoid losing seedlings.

    you're welcome Rain! Yep, trial and error on what works but you just never know til you try them. I am always an impatient gardener, always trying to figure out how to get a jump on Mother Nature ;)

    Hey SFG!

    You are welcome Penny!

    Leschornmom, good to see you! I used to just buy seedlings too but now everything is hybrid. I use the farmers almanac to start my seeds, you just put in your location and it gives you the best start dates I like but you can find heirlooms seed about anywhere if you look. Even Rural King has a nice selection this year! Just don't take it for granted they arent hybrid unless it says heirloom or open pollinated on it.

  7. This is fantastic information. Kymber mentioned it in a post ages ago (before I took over NSPN) had grow-lights I think, and a fancy shelf unit. I didn't know (or remember) it could be done on a window sill with the same results!

    Could I use your post on NSPN, MM?

    I'm so excited, and there isn't much that excites me at 7:30 in the morning :-)

  8. Hey Sue! Sure you can use it. Share it with as many folks as you want to.


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