Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy and Heartbreak

Today has been a roller coaster of a day. It started out a little low since I didn't get to tend my animals for morning chores. Had to be the chauffeur for the hubster. Not one of my favorite things. When I got home, Lucky the goat was in pretty bad shape. Apparently, Polar Bear decided to attack Lucky on the front porch while my son was doing the morning chores. Lucky is pretty messed up right now. The dog bit him in the head, ears, around his eyes, neck, chest, legs and nose/mouth area. It took quite a while for the blood to quit pouring and poor Lucky is still slobbering a small bit of blood. I knew instantly, even before I saw the goat on the porch that something was very wrong as Polar Bear came crawling to me looking guilty. The boy didn't see it so he had no information to offer as to the motive being aggression or rough play. She is, after all, a herd dog. She also knows that she did something very bad. Lucky is resting now, under my chair. It's going to be a rough couple of days for both of us.

So, that's the heartbreak part of today. A brief moment of joy today tho, thru the agony of seeing my "pet" in such pain, some of my seeds have sprouted. It's a small joy compared to the day, but it is a promise of the coming bounty. The Roma tomato seeds I saved from what I grew last year are the strong sprouters with the tobacco and the 7 year old cherry tomato seeds coming in second. Still nothing from the sweet peppers and the celery. I have terrible luck getting that darn celery to sprout. That figures since I enjoy it so much. I was hoping it would all be sprouted before the cold front hits us the beginning of next week. Back to the 40's F during the day. This week has been such a tease with beautiful days in the low 70's and a stiff breeze to dry out the mud. The main garden has been rolled now, all the leaves, grass and manure the horses deposited on it for me has been rolled under. A second round on it maybe later next week if we don't get tons of rain.

Here it is, February already and I am still looking pretty good in the pantry. I didn't really consider last years harvest to be that good but the home canned foods I put in there are still at an amount better than I recall from this time last year. I think the dehydrating had something to do with it. Instead of losing some of my potatoes to rot and throwing them out to the critters, I still have plenty of dehydrated left. The garlic and onion crop is holding on well since I learned to 'cure" them more efficiently (properly, instead of just guessing on it, LOL). The only thing I seem to be running out of is field corn. I estimate my reserve is just around 4 bushel and I know that's not enough to make it to September. It's been a rough winter for both the critters and the vermin. It seems that mice can do major hurt on a stored crop of corn. I will strive to better protect it in the future...


  1. I hate to hear about little Lucky. I know how attached we can get to bottle fed babies. I hope he pulls through.

  2. ((MM)) I'm sorry to hear about Lucky. Sending well wishes for a complete recovery.

  3. Poor Lucky, he'll be in our prayers. Dogs sometimes just don't understand take it easy when playing. Prayers for you as well, it's not fun caring for an injured animal.

    Sounds like me last year, I planted old seeds and then kept track of their germination rates. Overall I approximated that there is a 5-10% loss in germination per year old the seed is. Of course some seed still had a 100% germination :o)

    Glad to hear your having good luck with your seedlings. I will be starting some of our seed this weekend and finish it off by next week.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  4. Sorry to hear about Lucky. I hope he is in good spirits in spite of being played with rough.

    I wish we lived closer. I would like nothing better than to take one of the new kittens off your hands. Mama cat looks so content.

  5. hi could you explain how you dehydrate your potatoes?

  6. Hey everybody, thanks for the wishes for Lucky. He's still alive, bleeding has all stopped, he still can't suck but he's licking water.

    Sue, I'd give you a kitten in a heartbeat!

    Anon, yes, I will do another post on the potatoes for you.

  7. Sorry to hear about Lucky..hopefully he will recover and get back to normal.I was just wondering about the potato thing, have you ever tried putting lavender sprigs in with them? I was reading in one of my garden books that apparently english lavender is one of the best things that will suppress growth and stuff in potatoes. I haven't tried it yet but figured its something to keep in mind. Also how do you figure how much food to store every year?

  8. Oh my gosh, I just got a pang of pain for poor Lucky! I hope he's okay, my gosh, what a trauma. I'm glad you got some joy in your day too! I'm thinking of getting a dehydrator as soon as I see one on sale, I have a water bath canner, so I figured the two would compliment each other! Any suggestions?


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