Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Time!

That's right, it's time to start seeds! All my warm weather plants that need started inside, before my last frost date are lined up on the counter, waiting to find their baggies. My Romas and Brandywines are calling to me. Hehehe Well, maybe not really calling to me but just thinking of those wonderful, sweet fruits makes it seem like they're calling to me. I'm going to plant 10 cherry tomato plants this year as well. I always just put out 3 or 4 but my son has taken to eating them too. Since I enjoy them so much, I better put more out so I don't have to share, LOL. I'll be starting my broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet and hot peppers, squash and melons in the next couple of days. I may even start some tobacco and coffee plants. Might as well get a jump on them as the coffee can take up to a month to germinate and I'd like to get the tobacco to grow as much as possible before it goes to seed.

My enormous garden will be a formal protest against what is happening in our country. The idiotic laws aimed at controlling peoples every move, the corruption, the corporate takeover of America. My garden is telling my government I don't need you and I will not be controlled. I will not consume corporate poisons and I will not support the continuing taxation of every aspect of life. I will not be starved into submission. Yep, that about covers how I feel about it.

The gardens are sloppy right now. Mud is heavy and deep. We've got a bit of a breeze today but not even close to enough to dry it all out. This whole week is supposed to be in the mid 50sF and mostly sunny. perhaps by the end of the week I can possibly at least turn the ground over and clean it all out and up. Since I passed on the wheat in the garden spot this winter (glad I did) there's some grass that will need to be tilled under and some misc trash from around the farm that has blown in on it. It always amazes me how hay strings never stay in the trash cans.

Lucky the goat is growing like crazy, chewing on everything (he chewed my new keyboard cord in half!) He loves me tho, he laid on the couch and watched a movie with me last night. He had his head on my leg, he loves his Mommy.

Other than that, it's just life here, the same chores every day and so on and so forth. Life continues on......


  1. IT's so nice to get a start on your seeds! I wish we were set up for our full garden so I could but this year is going to be some container gardening as best as we can; though I am planning to start some tomatoes late so to have them over winter indoors.

  2. Dang, Lucky is living the high life...t.v. privileges and all Lol. I was just thinking today about my tomatoes and peppers...I think its time (my broccoli I was way too impatient on and they are now about 2 inches high with 4 true leaves).Hope everything gets to growing well for you. Big gardens are starting to become a common word when I talk to people... except for those who think people like us are crazy...they think the U.S will be just fine and straighten itself out in no time.When it comes to the garden have you thought about raised beds or permanent beds? Love the blog... Goodbye snow hello spring!!

  3. Good for you on your protest! I'm very new to gardening, didn't realize I could grow my own coffee beans! As they grow, will you take pics? PS: My basil seems to be hanging in there!

  4. I am going to start my seed tomorrow,Hope yours turns out well,mine too. I wish I could grow coffee beans. Blessings jane

  5. Let me get this straight. The mother of a goat is a Nannnnnnnnnnnny?

  6. Hello Rivenfae! Containers are awesome, you can grow most anything in them!

    Hey Coley! Yes, I've used raised beds here. The timbers rotted and those spots because just ground gardens over the years. LOL, yep, Lucky sure is spoiled!

    Hey Rain! Good on the basil! it's pretty tough, just don't over water and you'll be all good. Check out Coffea datura, it's an arabica bean, sub tropical and it tolerates partial sunlight. Grows pretty good in containers. As long as you don't drown the roots, it's a pretty easy plant to grow.

    Hey Jane! You should also check out the coffea datura. It's easier than people think and you just have to bring it in for the cooler weather.

    LOL Anonymous, the goat is an orphan and since it was so cold outside, I just became Momma. He's destined to go outside soon and I'm sure it's going to break his little heart. He needs to learn to be a goat sooner or later ;)

  7. MMpaints,
    We'll be starting our seeds as well this week. I planted all of our cold weather crops( lettuces, spinach, turnips, beets, kale, swiss chard and even trying some cabbage seeds directly sown in the greenhouse, we'll see how they do? I'm so.... hungry for greens and I'm the only one in my family who will eat sprouts, so I don't bother doing them anymore.*sigh*

    I'm with you about growing a large garden, and in your face to the FDA and gooberment and their rules and regulations.


  8. I'll be getting things going later this week. It's been a long Winter and It'll be nice to get the garden in gear again. I share your feelings towards the government & am right there with ya!

  9. Thanks SO much for the tips!!! :)

  10. "My enormous garden will be a formal protest against what is happening in our country. The idiotic laws aimed at controlling peoples every move"

    aint that right! garden on, baby!

  11. You are ahead of us by about 6-8 weeks. Can't wait for spring!

  12. Lucky and Lucky.....Lucky you, you get to start all of your greens, and "Lucky" the goat gets to lay on the couch! Sheesh, I too am about 8 weeks behind ya, although, out of curiosity as to how well my new growing set-up will perform, I managed to seed some Lavender, Sage, Lemon Basil,Thyme, and Chamomile.
    I just found your blog, and very impressed with the little bit I've read.It's very comforting to know that there are "homesteaders" amongst the lost sheep, who feel the same way as I. I only wish I would have jumped on the bandwagon long ago!
    Keep on keepin on, I/We need people like you~ Looking forward to getting to know you. Until we meet again my friend, God bless & "You grow girl"!

  13. I'll wait with the seed starting for a few more weeks out of necessity. I'm in Northern Europe (Finland, think climate-wise like Pacific Northwest-like summers meet Alaska-winters, despite the Golf stream bringing in warm air to us in Scandinavia) atm, and we still have an average of 3 feet of snow around here.

    Hoping to get back to my hubs and cat in WA on time to get seeds started, as well as my "herb rack" idea set up. We have a rental, so I don't want to drill holes into too many walls, but I got this idea to get some stuff from the Home Depot across the street, and build a frame for those IKEA wall-mountable rails and plastic "cutlery caddy"-cups, and some LED-lights to create a wall-mounted growing frame for the more "temporary" greens that make their way into my cart at the grocery store (herbs, leafy greens in general, the occasional flower...)


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