Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Survival

I've been reading again. I know I shouldn't do that first thing in the morning but it's kind of become a routine for me in the winter time. I'm just not over excited about going outside to do chores at 7am when it's 9F.

I read this one over at Alex Jones' prison Planet called 14 Disturbing Facts... it's about global food shortages we're really experiencing right now. And another I found at Matt Drudges site about the chili shortage in Indonesia. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had his own idea: Plant them in your own garden.

Wow, how simple is that?He's right you know, if you don't like the high prices and lack of supply, get out there and grow yourself some. We're so used to just running to the store and getting things we want right now that we've forgotten where those things come from. Everybody eats and just a few work to provide that food. It comes from somewhere, it doesn't just appear on the grocery store shelves. Somewhere, someone labored hard to get it to that shelf.

So we have a couple choices here. 1-We can pay the higher prices and continue to consume like we always do until there is no more supply. 2- When the supply runs out or we can no longer pay the price we can all line up for government handouts(if there are any) and/or begin to starve. 3-We take responsibility for what we eat and grow food for ourselves. Option 3 completely removes starvation from the equation.

You have to be living on another planet to not notice the rising food prices. The higher costs that you are seeing now are not going to go away any time soon. There's lots of people eating and a lower supply of food on the market. How long will it take until the prices go high enough for you to not be able to eat? How long before some things just aren't available at any price? Will you starve or survive?


  1. In the 1940's when food rationing during the war was going on - the US Governement actually turned to its citizens and encouraged them to plant "Victory Gardens." They wanted individuals to provide their own fruits and vegetables.

    Nearly 20 million Americans answered the call. They planted gardens in backyards, empty lots and even city rooftops. Neighbors pooled their resources, planted different kinds of foods and formed cooperatives, all in the name of patriotism.

    What a concept. 70 yrs later the government can't stand the thought of us growing our food! How dumb. ~MaggieC

  2. We're increasing and improving the garden again this year. I read the other day that the average tomato travels over 1200 miles from where it was grown to get to your table (in some kind of product or raw)...what do I want with a tomato that is better traveled than I am? lol
    People better wake up and start getting serious about growing more of thier own food, or they will be starving.

  3. We grow a garden every year. Last year we planted two gardens,but I noticed they didn't produce as much as the year before. So I 'm all about growing my food as long as the plants produce,can't do much if they don't. Blessings jane

  4. If you will notice the people in poverty are the ones that are more overweight. It is still affordable to buy the junk foods and the easy meals that contain all the junk that our bodies can not handle. If you are unable to grow your own food and tried to buy the so called healthy foods so you can make your dinners from scratch, it would cost you a fortune.
    I was listening to a "Right" radio broadcast the other day and they were saying it was more of a target to the less fortunate so the "way left" government can inflict more laws and rules on our food. Just look at what Mrs. Obama is doing with our freedoms as far as the foods in our schools and what the fast food restaurants can and cannot serve. This is the first step into what yall are saying about the bread lines. They want us to be totally dependent on them.
    Sorry this was so long, I kinda got going there.

  5. Hey maggie! we need to get back to the values of the "good old days".

    HP, AMEN! Get off their butts and away from the TV too.

    Hey Jane! Yah, last year was kind of funky, wasn't it? The heat and the lack of rain. This year will be better.

    Hey Modern Day Redneck! I'm with ya, I see that too. Dependence is exactly what the gov wants. Not me, I'm feeding myself! The USDA and the FDA will not tell me what to eat. Hmm, some of those less fortunate folks need to buy seedling plants with their food stamps. It's approved for them to do so. Put the soda and the chips down and grow something!

  6. So true! It is amazing to me how few people realize what is happening before their noses. I wonder what it will take to get them to sit up and take notice? Hunger, higher prices, limited food items. I am so THANKFUL we made our move to a farming area back in 2009. Plans are to increase our garden yields. Add more plant types and grow our food. Too many advantages not to, plus we know exactly what is and isn't in it. Our challenge this year is to purge our eating from ALL processed items. Either grow it or do without! Fresh eating is so much healthier and tastier.

  7. Hiya! Haven't been around for way too long - wanted to swing in and catch up. :-)

    Love this part of your comment above: "Hmm, some of those less fortunate folks need to buy seedling plants with their food stamps. It's approved for them to do so. Put the soda and the chips down and grow something!"

    Some of the farmers markets I've been to have gotten savvy about not only taking WIC/food stamps but of also making a point to reach out to lower income folks and the offices they get their assistance from and pointing out that they accept such forms of payment. Sure wish more of them would, and that the folks in offices like WIC et al would get into the habit of handing out literature about this, not just checks/vouchers. I've noticed that there are quite a few folks in the military community on WIC/WICO (WIC Overseas) and especially overseas, the commissary prices can often mean that a voucher for fresh fruit buys 2 apples - which is a monthly purchase. I was really shocked to learn that from one of my neighbors using WICO.

    I've tried to host "planting parties" where I take friends to the 100Yen store (think dollar store but way better goodies) to pick out planters, seeds, and more. This March I'll be giving a basic gardening talk at the local MOMS Club meeting. I told the leadership that I don't "do" ornamental flowers much; if I can't eat it, I don't grow it - they were actually thrilled and said they really wanted me to focus on fruit/veggies/edible herbs and flowers so these moms can learn how to grow some of their own food, on and off base. YAY!

    We got ourselves a "rebelution", my friend! :-)


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