Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Blues

It's been overcast and a bit rainy for the last 2 days and it's giving me the February blues. Cabin fever is more like it. I want to be outside, doing the things I love to be doing. So, to pacify myself, I pulled out what's left of the butter in the freezer and canned it up. Now I have some deer meat cooking on the stove and I will can that up for future use as well.

The turmoil in the world that is causing the price of oil to rise concerns me. I don't much like that the actions of others, so far away, affects me in any way. It does tho, it will continue to ripple outward until it consumes the whole world. All I can think of is how I can protect my family from what's happening around us. There's not much I can do by myself beyond providing a roof and a meal anymore. I could stomp my feet, shake my fist and be all worked up over politics and government but what will it accomplish? Not much. So, each day, as more seedlings sprout, bunnies get born and eggs get laid, I see survival and I'm glad. To me, that's winning in the only way that matters....


  1. I'm with you. I had to stop reading the news everyday. I was either in a panic or a rage all the time. Now I just do what I can to be self-sufficient for my family.

    We don't have anywhere near the land that you have but we are doing the best with what we've got.

    Take care.

  2. Amen! All we can do is all we can do.

  3. I have to turn the news off some days, otherwise I would loose my mind. I just keep clipping coupons, dreaming of the summer garden, taking stock of what we have and hope for the best. You are in FAR better shape than 95% of the families in our country!!! Keep teaching the rest of us to be more self-sufficient

  4. I know what you mean about cabin fever! We're expecting more snow tonight.....*sigh*. These last few months/weeks of winter are so hard. Waiting for what we know if coming, but not coming as quickly as we'd like!

  5. One of my favorite lines from "As Good As It Gets," is "Sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here." Sometimes, turning the tv off is the best thing anyone can do these days.

    The world is harsh, attrocities are happening, and we are all feeling a bit helpless right now. All we can do is adapt and find ways that help ease our tension from all of this. Gardening is the perfect thing to do in matters such as this. I hope your garden flourishes with the extra care you give it this season.

  6. Why are you canning butter from the freezer? How do you can butter? Can freezer bought in the store be canned?

  7. hi...
    thanks for posting on the poatoes.
    have you ever dehydrate cabbage, would you
    blanch it first?
    gayle from ohio

  8. sorry... thats potatoes

  9. I am right with you. I can only take care of my little "circle".

  10. Hey Kat,
    I read over at Marksdailyapple about how the TV news can give people a sort of post traumatic stress syndrome. And I keep telling myself (and others!) aw, don't get too worked up over that. So of course you are right. I am working up a blog post about the TV, and how we should *use* it, not have it *use us*. Love your posts...(-:


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