Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dreamy Days

Yep, these are dreaming days.

We spend all day dreaming of spring time.

As each day passes, we dream of our crops growing, chicks hatching, bunnies being born, baby goats playing in the tall grass, hay baling and gardens growing. Oh, we can't forget the most exciting thing for us this year, the coming calf! When the calf arrives, so does the fresh milk. Then we get to make and eat cheese!

So, as it pours rain and the temperature hovers around uncomfortable, we keep dreaming.

Now, if I can just keep Elvis from eating the tops off my seedlings and the goat from destroying my seedling table......


  1. Yep its definitely one of those days...umm maybe you should try growing some catnip(or cat grass?) might keep elvis away from the seedlings. I kind've have have the same problem as you with the seedlings only mine is my 3 yr old ..he likes getting his hotwheel trucks in the dirt which also is housing my baby tomato plants (I have had a few fatalities).Hopefully everything survives!

  2. Kat,
    Hi ! Im trying your seed starting method this year. should i leave the baggies open or closed? Thanks for your great blog!
    Pennsylvania Patriot Steve

  3. Hey Coley! Good idea, I'll start me some catgrass, maybe they'll leave the "good stuff' alone!

    Hey Steve! Keep the baggies closed until you see green! Thanks for stopping in, happy growing!

  4. Sounds like a nice way of spending the long days of winter, dreaming of spring! :)


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