Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disturbing Morning

The news from around the world is very disturbing to me this morning. The commodities market has gone insane. The political venue in Wisconsin is becoming out of hand and the governor there has stated he will use "force" against American citizens. Do you realize what is going to happen if the National Guard opens fire on Americans?

May 2011 contract
$ / metric ton
Electronic 3,595.00
+3594.6501 +1027336.41% 10:12am ET

Oh! Say it isn't so! If this continues, i won't be able to afford chocolate!!! Now, if the commodities listing for Cocoa doesn't disturb you, I don't know what will. Oil has gone completely insane.

Oil (Light Crude)
April 2011 contract
$ / barrel
Floor 89.71
0.00 0.00% 2:33pm ET
Electronic 94.70
+4.99 +5.56% 10:35am ET

The huge earthquake in New Zealand was horrible but the after shock this morning has about done in what's left of that area. The world has literally come to an end for those people. My heart weeps for their suffering.

Even here, on this peaceful little farm, what goes on around us in the big world affects us. Today I am canning up more butter and some of the deer meat in the freezer. I fear the wheat crop across the country has suffered from the extreme winter weather we all got a piece of. I know for a fact that the wheat here looks pitiful and will be stunted come harvest time. So, between wheat and corn, that covers just about every item on the grocery store shelf. The price of oil, corn and wheat go up, the world starts to suffer. High prices are here to stay and will go much higher very soon. If you are like the rest of the world, the paycheck isn't getting any bigger.

What will happen to the people that can not produce food for themselves? They will be at the mercy of the market. What will happen when there is just not enough to go around? Will the price of basic necessities climb to a level where they become unobtainable? In all appearances, it seems so. n
Society as a whole is very dependent on the "system". Well folks, the 'system" is just about broken beyond repair.

I am feeling the urge to plant more and more every day. I wonder if I will be able to tend such a huge garden all by myself? We shall see, I am not giving up and it is against my very nature to grow less.


  1. It surley is uncertain times ahead of us. It feels good to be prepared and grow our own food.

    Your plants are looking really good! Looking forward to seeing their progress :-)

  2. Things just keep getting more and more screwed up. I heard Ohio is getting ready to protest and China is doing everything possible to keep any protesters quiet. Your seedlings are look good! I would definitely say to plant as much as possible if possible, heck I am going to try and it is going to be insane. I have 4 and 3 yr old boys,one of which does not listen and wanders everywhere and a baby due any day now. Not to mention we have no equipment so it all has to be done by hand unless we can borrow a rototiller.Just keep truckin' along!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more MM. It's getting scary out there. I keep wanting to do more and more when it comes to getting ourselves prepared and self sufficent. I hope the world can pull out of it. But, I fear, it will get worse before it gets better. Not looking good.

  4. chinas wheat crop failed too.didnt red dawn kinda start this way? i put my seedling in the plastic bags, comparing them to the jiffy greenhouse starter.little bit faster in the bags. thanks

  5. It is kinda getting scary out there thing is all we can really do is try to get what we need done just in case. Which considering just about anything could come down the line at anyone maybe we just need to learn to strive for living on less first!

  6. Yep, it is crazy and getting more and more threatening everyday that passes.

    We've tried for 5+ yrs to re-educate people into buying local product and produce and yet people STILL run to wally world and support imported goods, why because they are cheap. Their price to pay, is coming at them like a freight train and they don't see it nor hear it.
    We're growing for our own purposes and anything extra we'll share with elderly and NOT through the food pantry because to many going to the food pantry are plenty able to work, they are simply generational welfare recipiants.

    I'm tired and worn down trying to share with these people, they are on their own now and I fear will suffer their arrogance!


  7. Grow all you can and just trust that everything will work out the way it was intended. We are just getting started on this ride. "Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. You cannot stop this ride once it leaves the terminal."

  8. I agree with you M M, Things are and have been scary. I worry about the state of things all the time.I feel things are good right now compared to what's coming,maybe right around the corner! God help us all. Blessings jane

  9. Yep, having some extra hands sure would come in handy.

  10. I hope I am able to keep my garden up this spring and summer too...especially with having one and later, two, babies to take care of. But I will press on...

  11. I fear we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Things are going to be tough for a long time. We live in Southern Colorado and have a large garden. One of the blessings of my husband being out of work is that he now has time to care for an even bigger garden! We would like to think we're prepared...but I still worry.


  12. I don't worry for myself. I will have enough food, but maybe not what I want or the kind I need. I worry about my newly-single daughter and her two children in NYC. I am very afraid for them. I can purchase and mail food to her cheaper than I can send her money to buy it there. Scary!

  13. we moved the garden fences today to expand our growing areas... crazy times for sure. even some of my city friends are starting to ask me how to use a pressure canner.


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