Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Day down

Yep, it's snowing here, again. I think that groundhog lied!

Lucky goat is growing like mad and he's getting into plenty of trouble including a short period of him marking his territory. Yay rah on that one. For some reason he just got it in his head he needed to pee on everything. The last day has been pretty good tho, he's not "marked" anything, anywhere he's not supposed to. if it wasn't 15F out, he would have found himself marking to his hearts content out in the barn!

Elvis the cat got jealous and wanted her picture taken too. But, when I snapped it, she played coy and looked away on me.

I couldn't take it, I had to start some seeds. Just the promise of them growing is all it took. The seeds are ones I got off of ebay from a questionable seller. Why did I buy them then? Simply because they are unusual seeds and they might grow. Plus, they were cheap, really cheap. I started some grapes and some tangerine seeds with the old paper towel and ziploc method. If they're going to not want to sprout, they'll have a tough time avoiding it with this method. Even old seeds sprout in the ziploc bag. I will try to have a little patience in starting my food crop seeds tho. This time of year is really difficult for me as I can't wait to start a whole new season of growing things. It's just one thing I do really well and enjoy so much. It's something I am kind of selfish about. Starting warm weather plants now will just make them spindly for transplanting time.

Hmmm, I was going to rant about a few things I'd read on the news but now that I've written about gardening, thought about gardening while writing, I can't remember what it was that had me so mad. Go figure, I self medicated with garden seeds! LOL Might be a good thing....


  1. Goodness!! Elvis looks JUST like one of our cats!! We rarely see coloring like her, anywhere, and this could've been a photo of her! Weirdness!

  2. Hey Darcy! I had 3 calicos. 2 met with unfortunate accidents :( Elvis is a tough girl. She's the last of our "Cookies" bloodline and that makes her double special ;)

  3. It's such a temptation for me too! I always start a few in Feb. It's the only way I can get all the early planting done most of the time. This year I am growig less (I swear!) I have some tomatoes, spinach and catnip already up.

  4. I'll try again. lol I love your goat! We had a week old get her head stuck in the fence last night and laid out in the 18 degree weather all night. I have her on a heat pad in front of the heater here in the kitchen. I am really at a loss as to what to do. She is from triplets and just beautiful. Pat/Texas This may get posted twice or maybe not at all. lol

  5. LOL sheryl! I'll make up the difference for you, I intend to triple the garden this year ;)

    Hi Pat! Wow, the heat pad is all I'd know to do too, maybe place it across her back and her ribs. try to get some warm milk in that baby. they're pretty tough.

  6. Unusual seeds? Please tell! I have gotten soapnuts from ebay (no germination at all) Moringa (great germination) and kudzu (i live in the desert, don't shoot me) still waiting on those to sprout. :)

  7. So when you self med. with seeds where do you place them??? FK

  8. I knew you wouldn't be able to stand it! Hey, who can blame you though. Something about just the act of starting seeds is just comforting. And for those that have never tried the "baggie" method of starting seeds, you would be amazed at how well it works. MM
    taught me this great seed starting method a couple of years ago and I haven't looked back since! Shameless post insertion here...

    I have some cold weather things started already but I am down to the south so they should be just fine. As for Lucky the Goat, he sure got "lucky" again that the weather is so cold! I'll bet you are ready for him to "head to the barn". After all he IS a goat, even if he hasn't figured it out yet!

  9. Hey Kathy! I picked up some goji, a couple varieties of grapes I'd not seen for sale in this area before and a few fruits. pomegranite & kiwi. Supposedly, those can both be container grown and pruned short and produce. We'll see, eh? LOL

    ROFL Fatkat! Smartass, LOL I tried making myself feel better by eating some of those blackberries I'm gonna bring you one of these days...

    LOL Scifi, you started it, it's all you're fault! hahahaha You should never have mentioned starting your seeds in APN chat, LOL.

  10. Probably a good thing you have gardening on the brain, it's easier on your soul than all the crap going on in the news*wink*

    We're going to be starting our seeds in a few weeks, I can't wait. I've wanted to do more in the greenhouse but it's been so cold, so.... maybe this next week. Especially since I'm out a vehicle for a few days.
    Lucky is so.. cute, well except when he's marking of course*wink*

    Blessings for your weekend, stay warm,

  11. Neat! I have some goji berries, and was looking at all those little seeds in them....

    Now, pomegranate, grapes and figs all start easily from cuttings. If you want a mind blowing resource for free* cuttings check out this link for the germplasm at uc davis
    *except for postage
    It is too late to order for this year, end of nov is the cut off, and they fill home gardeners orders last.
    Give you something to look at for next year! This is the second year we have done this and have LOTS of different pomegranates and figs growing strong :)


  12. Yup, I think the groundhog wanted to sleep in-although, he just came out :) We still have a lot of winter left, no matter how you look at it.

  13. Hee hee hee...who'da thunk it? Self-medicating through seeding!!! Not a bad idea, I'm getting a little cabin fever myself these days...I haven't even done my ordering yet, I think I'll follow your lead and plan my container garden today!

  14. Ooo... starting seeds is on my agenda for "soon", but I'm moving to another continent, and people aren't too happy about seeds being brought in... Maybe I can get my hubs to start them up for me...

    Did you have instructions on how the ziploc method works, if I "delegate" the task of starting seeds to my fiancé? :)

  15. Hey Kelle! Yah, no doubt, the whole worlds gone crazy, eh?

    Great links Kathy, thanks!

    Scott and Pam, yep, I think we've got a bit still. I'm afraid it's going to be like last year tho, from cold to instant hot. Made some of my cold weather crops not do so well...

    Hey Rain! Well, it was start some seeds or eat tons of chocolate. I'm all out of chocolate! I've held off on the container stuff in the house this year. Between the kitten and the goat, I was thinking they wouldn't fare so well. I prolly did myself a favor by not doing it.

    Hey Penny! I'll repost the ziploc baggie post for ya.


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