Monday, February 28, 2011


Why is there a picture of a cows butt on the blog? hahahahaha It's almost time for a calf! Just look at the big ole bag full of milk! I am so excited, it's almost cheese making time again! I had my daughter snap a couple pictures while i was working on cleaning the stall. Can't have a dirty stall for the baby, nope, can't have that!

The farm chores were a little rough this morning, the storms that rolled all around us last night dumped a bunch more rain on us and everything is sloppy. The mud is pretty darn deep. Had to slop thru some of it to rescue my old roping horse, he's apparently caught a cold. So, he gets to hang out in the barn for a while, not that it's going to hurt his feelings, all that attention and feed 3 times a day. I can't complain about it, the animals have all been pretty healthy thru the rough winter.

I'm going to be canning more meat from the freezer today and baking some bread. maybe I'll have a calf this evening!


  1. Oh I can hardly wait!!!!! I just love calf pictures!!!!

    We had a lot of rain here too. DEEP mud!

  2. If there's any sign of spring as clear, it's a baby bump showing up wherever you look. :)

  3. So exciting!! Cant wait to see the new addition to your smallholding!

    Best of luck!


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