Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teasing weather

The weather has been quite a tease these last couple of days. Cold overnight but in the mid 40's F during the day. Of course, that makes everything squishy.

I'm going thru the corn harvest quicker than I had planned to. Must be the minor increase in feed I dished out during the really nasty weather. I'm pretty sure I grew enough this past season to cover my needs until the grass starts growing again.

I'm sitting on go, just waiting, impatiently, to get some seeds started. I am really trying hard to resist the urge. I know if I start any now, they will either die from a cold, drafty snap or be way too spindly when it's time to plan outside. This is a very tough time of the year for me. Maybe this year i can grow some patience......


  1. It got up to 55 degrees here today....all this back and forth has got bronchitis stuff showing up.Now they are calling for snow and ice the next few days...blah. Its time for spring. Its almost time for starting seeds...guess you just need to dream a bit longer! (As for me I lack patience in that department and started some of the slow growing perennials.) How is the cheese making going?

  2. Hey Coley! Oh, I am flat dying to start something but it gets so darn cold in this nasty house trailer. The cow is drying off for the March calf so cheese making isn't going worth a hoot. By the time I get enough milk to make a batch of cheese, the cream is soured. Oh well, soon I'll have plenty of milk!

  3. Hi mm, this year I plan on planting some feed corn too. Any suggestions?

  4. hey SFG! Take a look at Nothstine Dent corn. It's an open pollinated, good for corn meal or feed corn. I grow it every other year here, i like it quite a bit.


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