Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Musings

This mornings chores were unpleasant due to the very cold temperatures. 15F this morning at daybreak. As the sun came up, it warmed the barn roof and I got rained on by freezing drops of moisture. I so love it when I'm setting there, milking the cow and one lands on the back of my neck.

We got to the rabbits and all the bottles are frozen solid, again. It's a twice a day chore here, those rabbits need water. My old buck rabbit passed on me in the night. Hate to see that but he was 9 years old. I kind of figured he was done when he had no interest in the does this past fall. I had to use an immature buck and he didn't work out so well since I have no kits. Probably a good thing tho, since it's so darn cold this winter.

I managed to get 50lbs of deer meat ground up in between playing with the jealous dog and feeding the baby goat. It's going to make some tasty meals for the next couple of weeks!

As I'm writing this, I got a text from the neighbor... looks like I'll be freezing my hind end off for a bit working with her cows. That changed my plans for the day......


  1. This winter is unusual. I'm ready for some spring time weather. Sorry to hear about your buck.

  2. This winter has been how I remember them from my childhood here in Scandinavia... odd, how it's at the same time nostalgic, inspirational, and very annoying to have enough snow here (depending on how you measure it, between 3 and 4 feet in December!) for CNN to make a whole news segment about my home town for their "Future Cities" series that is said to air later this spring... o_O


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