Sunday, January 2, 2011

Off to a Good Start

That's really optimistic, LOL Touch of sarcasm seriously. Last night was the coal mine holiday party. I took the hubster and we actually had a nice time. The food on the other hand, HORRIBLE! Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana has the worst caterer I have ever encountered. They cooked the prime rib with liquid smoke! The salmon was so dry, it was like cardboard, the starchy brown glop had to be identified for me as it was unrecognizable, it was supposed to be mashed potatoes. There was this brown slop that looked like refried beans with sliced almonds in it, I passed on that. The turkey gravy was made with canned chicken stock and they boiled the asparagus. The pitiful excuse for dinner rolls could be used as pool table balls, they were that hard. The simple act of sampling that food gave me a migraine headache within 40 minutes and I am still working thru it. I have officially been chemical poisoned by commercial food.

The migraine was so bad this morning that I milked my cow with one eye open and came right back in the house and flopped back in bed. My son came in a few minutes later and told me I have a baby goat out there in the pen. I got up, got out there and found a baby goat, lethargic and very cold. The doe is a first time Momma and she hasn't done very well making milk. Her bag looks right but the one nipple will not milk at all and the other is full of puss and blood (mastitis). I've got the baby wrapped in a towel on the bed with my herbal heat pack on it. I did manage to get a couple cc's of fresh cows milk down the little thing, I am not too hopeful at this point.

The afternoon livestock check had my son just missing the birth of twins. Another of my does has kidded. So, she is tending her kids, we helped her dry them off and after they nurse, I will try to milk a little colostrum for my orphan.

Thankfully, nothing else has happened. I'm headed back to the couch to recline and tend my baby goat............


  1. Awwwwh, praying for your little orphane goat, she's precious. How fun, well maybe not with a migrane, to have babies already! We won't have anything until we order our chicks. In fact I'm now thinking of getting a couple of Nubian does for milk, since we won't have a Dexter babe until Spring 2012. If you don't mind, what are any thoughts, does, don'ts or advice you might share( if you are so inclined) Thanks for any help.

  2. awww, hope the little guy makes it! hate it when a company pays for a "party" and they give crappy food!

  3. Hey Kelle! Hey HP! So far so good, the little feller, haven't looked, think it's a boy, LOL, has really come around. Big difference now from 7 hours ago. He's noisy too!

    Kelle, email me and we'll talk.....

  4. I hope he does okay! I hope your headace gets better too.

  5. So happy you were able to take care of your new baby and save his/her sweet life. You may have gotten a belly full of MSG's at the company party, when we eat out for anything other than breakfast I get sick as a dog, have to hit the bed for hours or even days from the food additives. Hope yu feel better soom, drinking TONS of water helps sometimes


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