Sunday, January 16, 2011

Farm life in January

Yah, I know it's half way thru January and my Christmas tree is still up. there's just something soothing about the lights and ornaments. Of course, the cats think it's a new play toy so I guess I better get to putting it up for the year. Polar Bear made it a whole 20 days before she ripped the stuffing out of the coon.

My family sent me a hot water tank. I am eternally grateful as the last $110 was not finding it's way into the kitty for one. We spent the day yesterday getting it installed and then chasing broken water lines down. $120 dollars in water line, new flex tube to replace the dry rotted ones, joint glue, a cutter tool and misc connectors and caps plus the 95 miles worth of fuel running back and forth a couple times. We ended up having to cap off the hot water line for the kitchen sink, more than a 4' piece completely split. We tried to chase it but it just kept splitting on us. So, we have 3 more holes in the floor from chasing the leaks and hot water to both the bathrooms! My first hot shower since last April was so enjoyable, I emptied the tank in celebration, LOL. It was well worth the guilt from wasting all that water.

Today, I am working on a deer roast stew with veges I grew this past season. While that is going on the stove, I'm going to try out dehydrating shredded taters. I like hash browns and trying to shred the dehydrated slices isn't working out so well. I'm also going to dry some carrot shreds instead of the slices and chunks I normally dry. I'm still a couple weeks from being able to order the fruit roll trays I need to dehydrate liquids. I am really excited about working with them. So many new possibilities!

Come on warmer weather, I'm ready to start seeds!!!!


  1. I love reading your blog. No matter how bad things seem to be going for you, you are always so positive. You make bad situations not seem so bad. Glad you got the water problem fixed. Love the picture of the goat. Have a great day! Rebekah

  2. My dog shreds her toys too. Sometimes it looks like it has snowed inside. lol

  3. Oh look at that face. She tried. 20 days is really good ya think? Love the I believe goat under the tree. lol. Sorry you had the expense of water lines. It's always something, and glad you guys are getting through it. Frayed nerves I know... Hugs.

  4. Hey Kat:
    I feel the same way about the tree, and am still enjoying ours being up. The house seems so cold once I take it down.

    Happy to hear you've got hot water! Sorry for all your water line troubles putting it in. It's always something, isn't it??

    I know this is probably a walk in the park for you, but I pressure canned my FIRST batch today. It's chicken stock, and I think it's a success. I guess if nobody gets sick the first time we use it will be the real test, huh? LOL!

    A dehydrator is next on my wish list. I've got my sights set on a Nesco, as I seem to remember you mentioning that's what you've got and seem to have luck with that.

    My friends and family seem to think I've lost my marbles in my quest to gain more skills, but imagine who they'll want to stay with if TSHTF?? :-)

    Good luck with your new drying quests!

  5. Hey Kat,

    I keep coming back and enjoying your adventures! You had me at the goat picture the other day...I had to copy it and send it to my got a lot of ohhhhhhhhs and cuuuuuuuuuutes from the two of them. Now I have the one under the tree....I will have to share that as well!

    Love the blog!!

  6. Hello there, I just stopped by to see how you have been. I hope great.
    I love the picture of the kid laying under the tree. Every time you post a pic of the baby it looks like it is dead haha.


  7. Hi Kat! I found your blog by accident and love it! I look forward to reading more too. I am so ready for spring too since I have so many ideas for seeds..I can't wait to get started. Lately I've been reading though old (1820's) cookbooks and seeing what people were eating and relying on during that time. Just ordered seeds for something new to try... salsify! We shall see! Have a wonderful night!

  8. WooHoo, a hot shower you so deserve that!!! I have had really good luck making hashbrowns in the dehydrator, also shredded carrots, no luck with zucchini think it might be to full of water so I just shred and freeze it for bread. So love seeing pictures of your baby!!!

  9. Hey Kat!
    You should join the movement to change the 12 Days of Christmas to the 24 Days of Christmas. What the heck, we START the Christmas season like the day after Halloween, why not drag it on a little further?
    Seriously, when I put up outdoor Christmas Lights (in the old days, heh) I left them up until Spring, and turned them on whenever we got a good snow. Those lights are spirit boosters!

    I always enjoy reading your adventures.

  10. Kath, So glad you enjoyed your hot shower! I couldn't go the winter knowing you didn't have hot water. I will tell Mom and Dad about your post and give them a call when you have the $. They would love to hear how you enjoyed your shower. Loved the pic of the baby under the tree and I agree with you about the lights on the tree. Love you, Sandy

  11. That is such a cute picture of the goat lying under the tree in the lights! It looks like he made himself very tired by playing with lights.


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