Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold and Snowy Wednesday

This is one of the first things I do every morning now. If you aren't awake when Lucky realizes somebody is moving around in the house, you will be shortly! He's a pre-schooler with tap shoes combined with an old world town crier. I have gained a whole new respect for goats and how incredibly smart they are. Lucky is for the most part, "paper trained". He forgets once in a while but he knows here the "spot" is. Which, of course, makes my life easier with him in the house until the weather breaks. I had just resigned myself to following him around and cleaning the floors on a constant basis while he was in here but he has really impressed me.

I didn't get much done around the farm yesterday. The small amount of snow we had fall made the roads terrible and my neighbor up the road needed assistance, again. So, after all my own farm chores, a quick floor wash, the huge pile of dishes I find in my kitchen every day and a couple cups of coffee, off the boy and I went to spend 4 hours on the neighbors farm. Then a trip to the college to take the other kid something she forgot when she was home this past weekend. Like I was saying, the roads were terrible. Good thing there's 10 dozen eggs in the fridge!

Now, I'm taking a short break, reflecting on how badly my back hurts today (the darn weather) drinking a little coffee and dreaming about seed starting while reading a form I got in the mail from the county assessing officer. The county now wants all the manufactured homes "registered", including copies of their titles. I seriously doubt it's so they can lower taxes. Call me paranoid if you like, but I never find any type of "governmental control" a good thing and I know good and well that anyone that says "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" is a bold faced liar. Now I'm all mad, LOL, thinking about how the county is going to screw me this time while I'm sitting in this piece of crap, falling apart, poorly insulated, air leaky dump that I can't start any seeds in yet! LOL I know, I need a hobby...


  1. I feel the same way about the Gov. It's really getting scary! The baby goat is the cutest thing in the world!

  2. Call me paraniod, but you are absolutley right about Gooberment , they are there to help themselves to your wallet! Hang in there and speak your mind. People think we are radical nutcases and you know what that just how I like it. One day while in our town's office the secretary was joking with me and said she was going to come down and snitch some of our garden goodies in the middle of the night, another patron( who I know well, she's the town gossip) interjected and said," Don't steal from them, they'll shoot you!" I replied," yep, if you'd like to come down and purchase produce you are more than welcome to" Both ladies laughed but it was a nervous laugh*wink* So it's gotten around that we won't put up with anything and WILL shoot trespassers, LOL!!!!

    Hope your back is felling better and the baby goat is still precious. How smart, that he is paper trained( for the most part)


  3. Tell them that your house was grown, not manufactured! (lol)

  4. Did you hear about Pat Quinn getting something passed that will raise Illinois income tax(I believe) by like 66%? It has gotten ridiculous...our real estate tax went up over a 100 bucks this past year, which means our house payment is going up, vehicle insurance just jumped(again), and now gas and food prices are going thru the roof.I keep telling myself things will get better..its frustrating when you cut back more and more and they just keep pilling more on. Maybe you should go ahead and start some seeds ....might get you feeling better about spring being around the corner.

  5. mobile homes are "recyclable housing"


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