Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Goat update

Well, maybe he will make it. I think it's a boy, I haven't really looked yet but I think it's a boy, LOL. Big difference between now and this morning! An herbal heat pack and some warm cows milk while I was rounding up a baby bottle and some goat colostrum and look where we're at now! I'm already following him around with a towel and bucket of soapy water, he's peed on my floor twice now. I need to find a big box to keep him in pretty darn quick! Momma goat is okay, I'll be working on her mastitis for the next few days..........


  1. Praise be that the orphane is doing better. He/she, sure is cute!
    How about a rubber water trough, if you have an extra one to keep the orphane contained.

    Glad the Mama is okay, what will you use for the mastitis? Rosemarry oil and Lanvendar, rubbed right on the udder helps and not sure if goats can have garlic, but if so maybe make some doughballs with whole wheat flour, kelp, molasses, honey and minced garlic to work on building up he immune function. Hope you get it cleared up and there is now scar tissue or damage.

  2. I want home made cheese and am willing to pay for it!

  3. OMG.... it is so cute! I'm happy that it is making a good recovery after this morning. I hope all goes well for the little one.

  4. I could squeeze him to death. Ok, not really to death, but you get the gist. lol

  5. Is that a face you could kiss or what! Glad the little one is doing better.


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