Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Day on the Farm

Well, I emailed myself a picture from my phone and of course, Verizon charged me for it but it has not arrived in my email yet. typical. So no morning chores picture today.

Lucky is really getting to be a dandy baby goat. he's full of energy now, learning how to bounce and play on the hard wood floors. The dog is trying so hard to play with him and herd him. She got a surprise this morning when Lucky tried to attach himself to her nipple. He was a bit impatient while his bottle was warming up. I never thought I'd ever have baby bottles in my fridge again, LOL.

Today, the urge to expand the size of my garden is stronger than normal. Yep, you figured it out, I've been reading articles over at blacklisted news and drudge report! Things like European governments seizing private pensions, how our own government is giving us tyranny by decree, the pesticides being used in commercial food production, and 30 reasons why the middle class is going to suffer this year. Topping it all off is the current price of diesel fuel here in southern Illinois, $3.399 a gallon. That is highway robbery! Couple that with that idiot Illinois governor trying to increase our state income tax and I am a nasty customer today.

I still managed to find the time to feed all the critters this morning, milk the cow, search for eggs, inflate the flat tire on the truck and pick hubster up from work, come home, do the dishes, make lunch, feed the goat, again, sweep and wash the floors (goats are messy) and do 2 loads of laundry! Whew, glad I'm on my third pot of coffee. I wonder what I should whip up for supper? Is it bedtime yet?


  1. Dang...sounds like your busy. Good to hear the "kid" is doing better. I know what you mean about the garden..I keep going over my garden plans trying to see where I can fit more in.Our paycheck is barely covering things anymore...we have 3 days til payday and are neg. in the account. It seems like we just can't get ahead ...just when you think you are doing good something else goes up. Gas is projected to be around $3.75 this spring and it is all based on speculation. I was just reading something the other day about how if you itemize taxes, you won't be able to file until late Feb....all because congress waited to the last second to pass tax laws.at this point I say take it out of congress's piggy banks...they have never been so rich and are exempt to most of the junk laws they pass. By the way love the blog...keep it up.

  2. Hi There!

    You can tell this is a 'city boy' question, but are goats good livestock? Are they mainly for milk or meat?

    Grat Blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Coley! you are so not the lone ranger! 2 bald tires on the truck and the bad wheel bearing I STILL havent been able to purchase, I know exactly how it goes too. LOL, let's fire a few politicians and use their paycheck money to cover some of it!

    Hey Mike! Goats are super easy to keep, very friendly and there are some that are better for milk and others for meat. They are all edible tho and all types give milk. I know of a lady that keeps and raises pygmy goats (super small) and she milks them for milk, butter and cheese. Goats are like having a really messy dog with fringe benefits, LOL.

  4. Hi Kat!

    Ah ha! So goats are kind of general purpose animals. I know that goat meat is very popular in some parts of the world, so I was leaning toward keeping them for meat.

    I ran across your blog by accident, but you are a very good writer and find the stuff you write about very interesting.


  5. my liitle Verizon phone and camera lets me bluetooth into my computer to transfer the pics with out cost. Something to look at

  6. Mike, thanks, very kind of you and your welcome!

    Trashdigger, I have the cheapie $15 one, I'd have to upgrade! it'll be okay tho, I'll get to upgrade someday. Until then, adapt and overcome..

  7. thats what i got the $18 setup (came with $10 free airtime) from the Wallie world.. Just takes a few mins to set it up

  8. Well crap Trash, now I gotta find the book that came with the phone! I'm lucky I can answer the dang thing, LOL Thanks for the tip!

  9. you have a very good blog,found you through an extension of apple pie gal,and glad I did!I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well,blessings,Jane


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