Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow is it Cold!

We got us a little snow. Actually, it was pretty nice, it snowed all day Sunday. Now it has gotten horribly cold. -8 this morning at 5am ambient temperature, no wind chill. I am a bit concerned about what's coming for us, some sleet and ice is on the menu for tomorrow. That will keep me at the farm and away from the internet.

The critters are all doing fine, the chickens are staying huddled in the straw and not laying eggs. I really don't blame them, I'd not want to lay an egg either. It is putting a cramp in my baking style tho and a solar set-up for a heat lamp will get put on the "to-do" list. We can't go all winter without eggs, nope, can't do that.

Goober cow is behaving rather well with the new milker. It's amazing how simple the design is and how much strain it takes off my back with those darn rods in there. I broke down and pulled the thermal coveralls out, the cold weather has been making those rods cold and stiffing up my back muscles. The coveralls help a bunch.

I've got another gallon of milk saved up. I think I will try the Gouda again........


  1. I had 5 degrees this morning and 2 yesterday. Our chickens are laying thanks to a cheap cfl bulb but it doesn't do a whole lot of good when the eggs freeze and split.How much milk are you getting from your cow? We are thinking about a milker but I don't know if we could handle all the milk they produce. By the way it would be great if you could post an article on how to make different cheeses.Love the blog.

  2. Howdy MM glad to see that your still in there fighting, congrats on Elsie and happy cheese making. Yes ma'am the weather is a bit chilly outside around here too. Keep the faith my friend and all will be well (I peaked at the end of the book, we WIN)solar backup hmmm I believe I would try that route.
    Sunshine & Pale Rider

  3. Ummmmm, Em, I ain't gonna tell you what I had at 0530 this morning, but I will tell you the temp at 1400 was plus 15 and thirty-five degrees warmer than when I arose... Just got to love that wood stove that keeps the house warm with jsut a little sweat and petrol product.
    About that chicken coop- I use a regular heat lamp and an infared/sunlamp in the chicken house, have few problems with the chix or eggs freeaing- but I check them early. Also, ten inches of balsam wood shavings on the floor and six inches of wall and roof insulation doesn't hurt much. I did have one hen- lowest on totem pole and therefore closest to coldest spot in house- lose a foot, but she's fine as down. Too, I let the snow sit on top the coop roof as more insulation- doesn't hurt to have more.
    Emm- so glad you're still alive and kicking- I gotta stop by more.
    God bless, Shy III


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