Sunday, December 19, 2010

Up too late

Yes, I am up waaay too late tonight. I'm not sleepy. I drove the tractor up the backroad today and put out some hay for the neighbors' cows. This is what's left of the snow and ice. It was just in the mid 30s today, not too bad. When I pulled up in the yard, I noticed Goober cow was standing in the barn lot! Apparently, when I finished cleaning out her stall this morning, i did not latch the door. It turns out that it wasn't a big thing, Goober followed me right back in the barn. Of course, since she was such a good girl, i had to give her a treat. Then everybody else in the barn insisted on a treat too. Oh well, it's okay I guess.

I didn't do too much around the farm today, I kind of slacked off and played on the internet all day. I went 6 months without home internet and I just felt like I had to make up some lost reading. Tomorrow I will behave much better, :).

I am going to make myself a nice, fat deer meatloaf with some of the home grown taters, carrots, corn and beans for supper. I am also working on a new recipe for sandwich buns. I am hoping this one will make a softer bun for the cry babies that live here ;) I might even feel like a pie....


  1. I love when cattle are tame enough that they follow you like dogs. lol

  2. I found that living on the farm requires a few days off from time to time to keep you sane.for sandwich buns, I use bread dough from soft white bread (from the book artesian breads in 5 mins a day book)...spread some butter on the top and bake them. when they are done I wrap them in some foil to soften it a bit more. They turn out pretty good...not as soft as store bought but not too bad.

  3. Hah. I was part of the *recovery team* today after I spotted the neighbor's 3 cows wandering around the cut bean field across the road from my bedroom window. I called her, she was on her way to work, she returned, got some feed in a feed bucket, shook it a little, and two of the three followed her right into her corral. The 3rd one? I had to pretend to be a moving fence, waving my arms, and persuaded it to move to the gate. Being it was sunny and calm, and around 30 F. it was a nice way to start the day.
    Apparently, all this *fun* was precipitated by a gate latch that didn't *fall* into the latched position as it is supposed to. The calves got a good run!

  4. ROFL, cows like to test the gates


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