Monday, December 27, 2010

Small Things

Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the small things. Polar Bear, our Australian cattle dog-aka-blue heeler- loves her Christmas present. it's a stuffed coon toy from Rural King. They had a whole box full of critters on sale for $3 so I went ahead and got her one. She's been mauling that poor coon to death ever since. This morning, while doing chores, in the bunny stall of the old barn is a dead possum. It is obvious who killed it since "she" was proudly standing over it with the "look what I did, Mom" look on her face. Good dog! Saved the chickens and rabbits from the mean old possum. There's just nothing better than a smart farm dog.


  1. wow - what an amazing looking dog xxx

  2. You got that right! We have a blue healer and she is a wonderful dog. Could not imagine being without her here on the farm. Rebekah

  3. What a good girl! You are right about how important it is to have a good, smart farm dog! She is beautiful!

    Debbie K

  4. I needed a good farm dog when a raccoon killed one of my four hens. Maybe she would have frightened the raccoons away when they took up residence in my attic and three came through the ceiling. Do you think a Border Collie would kill raccoons? And, not chickens?

  5. Border Collies are darn smart, perhaps she could be trained to not herd them.

  6. A dead possum may be a *small thing*, but it ain't a small thing when it's alive and wreaks havoc on your domestic critters.
    To me, that good lookin dog is a large, wonderful thing.
    p.s. did you conserve the possum?


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