Monday, December 20, 2010

Just too cool

This home internet thing is just too cool! I forgot how fun it could be!

Not only can I read up on every little thing that runs thru my head during the day, I can cook and bake while I'm doing it!

This is a recipe called 'tasty buns" and I printed it from 3 or 4 years ago. I really like that website, it's where I found the Gyros recipe and several other neat ones too. The nice rolls on the right are the ones I made like the recipe said to. The other are the dough left over, re-kneaded into dinner rolls. they came out soft and fluffy with great texture and a lightly sweet taste. I will definitely be baking more of these.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice but I'm already dreaming of my spring garden. I know, i do this every year! February 14th isn't that far off and I have soooo much work to do, planning, checking my seed supply, deciding where I'm going to plant what, how many new varieties I might try this time. Lots of work goes into growing everything I plan to eat! I'm sure I will change my whole plan 4 or 5 times before I even start any seeds (shup Scifichick), LOL. For sure I'm going to plant a few different types of grapes and new fruit trees....


  1. Are you gonna post the recipe? Those look GOOOOODDDDDDD!

  2. hey Wab! Just click the link "" and it takes you right to the recipe. You will love these, they are awesome!

  3. Shhhhh... we've not had a chance to rest yet, no talking about Spring. I want to get some inside projects done before it's time to start seeds and spend my days outside in the greenhouse and yard.

    Thanks for the recipe link, we'll take a looksee.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas,

  4. As usual, you've got me "wishing to be you when I grow up"......I never seem to be as organized and/or as fruitful as you are! BUT - I keep working hard to expand my skills and get things in place!

    Am looking forward to getting some baking done - now have a working oven in this new place - after five years without one seems like HEAVEN!

    Gonna try to bake bread and other yummy things too. Will check out the site - thanks for the tip.

    MaMaBear in the Mitten

  5. Hey Kelle! You'll love em, easy to make and so yummy! I just ate another one, hehehehe.

    MaMaBear! Aw, yer sweet, LOL. I so know all about the no stove thing. hehehe I'm not organized, I just hide the dysfunction well! ROFL

  6. I love allrecipes! I have gotten a lot of great recipes there. I wish I was better with bread but I blame it all on my cold kitchen. This old farmhouse is always cold. Not bad in the summer but no fun in the winter.

    Merry Christmas!
    Debbie K

  7. Those buns look wonderful. I will definitely chase down the recipe. Thanks for posting about them.

  8. Love your posts!! Glad you can post from the warmth of your home!!!

  9. I'm sooo glad you are back home blogging. I know its been a rough spell without it. Allrecipes is my #1 recipe site. I can (and have) spent hours there just "looking around". I also found some of my fav recipes there.
    As for dreaming of seeds, I'm doing the same thing BUT it's still a little early yet :)~
    Merry Christmas to your house from ours!!!


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