Saturday, December 18, 2010

Did I mention....

I know I didn't tell you all about this nightmare... Tuesday morning it was -8F here. Nasty cold it was. So cold, my dually would not start. I ran the battery down lighting the glow plugs so it had to be charged up. Once the battery got warmed up, several hits on the glow plug and the dually fired to life. After the chores were finished, I intended on cleaning my new milking machine so I started some water on the stove( still working on replacing the hot water tank). I noticed we had low water pressure and immediately set out to find out why. Turns out, the water line under the tub had froze and cracked. Yay rah! Okay, for those of you that don't know, I live in a double wide trailer. It was here when I bought this land. I hate it but it's what I have to live in. Typical of mobile homes, the under side of the trailer has plastic stapled to the flooring and it's what holds the insulation in. If you cut it the insulation falls out. Long story on how I know about that, has to do with a lost pet snake........ Anyway, the drain on the bath tub has been broken for a while and it had been flooding the floor so we quit using it until I could fix it. Apparently, when this double wide was manufactured, the tub was installed before the inside walls were because you can not remove the one piece tub/shower enclosure thru the doorway. needless to say, I had to pull it out to fix the spraying water so it got destroyed. No big loss, it had to be removed to fix the floor and the rotten drain connection anyway. There goes my entire afternoon. Anyway, it's removed now the water line repaired and most of the rotten particle board has been removed. Now it's ready for me to repair come spring time.

I made my first wheel of colby cheese with the jersey milk. It's still working on drying a rind so I don't know how it tastes yet. Of course, I'm anxious to cut into it! We're making Christmas cookies today. Well, I am anyway, LOL. Everybody else will be ready to eat them...


  1. I too have lived in several mobiles and am quite familiar with the plumbing issues.. No plumbing issue can go untended as it will only get worse. When the tub faucet on mine began to leak, I shut the water off and immediately cut a small hole in the shower wall and unscrewed the faucet connection. Letting the Pex pipe drop down wher I could make the repair, cut the afflicted plex pipe attahc with a new connector and push it back to the faucet connection for assembly. The shower wall was patched with putty and we were done.
    You are a saint . My wife and girls would kill me if they didnt hav ehot water here at the stead.
    Happy holidays,

  2. Well done Trash! This one was glued from the handles to the pipe too, i was a little miffed right quick, LOL. Cheapie cpvc, 1/4". Ah, I hate not having hot running water but sometimes you just do what you gotta do and get over it. One of these days I'll get those last couple of bucks I need and get one. it'll be okay, ya know? Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Gosh, EM- I feel your pain. Living over a crawl space is a rectal problem at times.
    About the tub/shower- most one-piece units are installed prior to the walls going up cuzza their size.
    Diesel engines aren't any better than flourescent bulbs in cold weather- don't work right if they do work. Engine heaters are a Godsend, for sure. But then, electricity is a gift from hell when it comes time to pay the bill...
    Wish I could visualize your problem and give some recomendations, but alas, I'm just a burnt out old carpenter with bad eyesight, soooooo...
    BTW, I always hated doing plumbing and wiring, came to realize that 1/2" PVC is my friend.
    God bless, keep the Faith and press onward and upward.
    Shy III


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