Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coming to the end

Yep, we're coming to the end of this awful year. It has been awful, one of the worst I can remember for us. While we are sitting in a slightly better position now than we were last year at this time, it's still been a very rough ride both financially and emotionally. High stress and plenty of disappointments. A few growing and harvesting disappointments but most of them were life in general. All in all, I'm still alive, still eating well and still able to soldier on.

Now, as this year comes to a close, I am already dreaming of the new planting season and all the happiness that comes along with a new year. Baby goats, a baby cow, rabbits kits, new chicks, ducklings, the roses blooming... I have a wild rose I dug up from the side of the road that smells heavenly and it fills the entire farm with it's aroma. It reminds me of my Grandmothers gardens. Now all I need are a bunch of peonies, LOL.

The eggs ended up being scrambled and put in the freezer, just for now. My dehydrator does not have the fruit roll trays I need to dehydrate liquids. So, until I obtain what I need, the eggs will just be frozen. Hopefully I won't cook them all up before I can get those trays! LOL

A couple of my own chickens have decided it's okay to lay eggs again and I got 4 this morning. That figures, LOL. I just put them in with the 12 dozen I already had in the fridge. I guess better late than never! Or maybe, the ducks told them about the box of eggs and they're scared of becoming supper, hehehehe.

So, all in all, I'm still sitting pretty good with the homestead. Plenty to eat, plenty of firewood for heat and we're all healthy........


  1. That's what counts Kat! I'm always glad when I look back and saw no major crisis. I try and refresh my list of goals for the year ahead this time of the year...decisions, decisions. lol
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Kat, You can use saran wrap around the trays in your dehydrator until you get the plasic insert things.

  3. Hey debbieo, I'll try that. I'll have to find it in a size big enough to cover the whole tray tho, it will leak if I don't, won't it?

    Hey HP! ltns! Ah, goals, yep. Wish I would have achieved half of this last years goals.....

  4. Heya Kat! Happy, Merry, and all that jazz. Hmmmm, all those eggs in the 'fridge would have me on an omelette frenzy, with some eggs/taters/onions for dinner. Oh man, I haven't had the ETO in a long while. Sounds goooood....

  5. Kat, Our year was not the best either. Here is to hoping we both see better times in the New Year!


  6. What you consider a pretty bad year I think has been amazing from reading your blog. You have taken on a ton of hardships and whipped their butt!!!! Whats not to love about a year of crazy stuff that have shown you and others who read your blog how to turn lemons into lemonaid, you never give up and can always find the humor in the everyday crap. Here's to you and more great adventures in 2011!!!!

  7. Debbie, happy and prosperous New year for both of us! Thanks for stopping in!

    Debby, thank you for the vote of confidence! Sometimes i really need it, bad. LOL, let's hope the adventures this coming year are more fun! Happy new year to you and yours!

  8. Kat, I agree with Debby regarding the encouragement and support you share with the rest of us regardless of your situation. But yeah....I understand about hardships.

    Another idea for the eggs....make quiche and freeze it! It freezes well and reheats even better! If you don't have the pie crust, and or time to make them, try using brown rice as the crust. Gives them more fiber and a different texture!

    Hugs from MaMaBear in the Mitten

  9. Hey Kat,
    How you've beaten bad times is an inspiration to all who read your blog! You are made of the stuff that made our country great...grit, determination and a sense of pride of being able to take care yourself. You should be proud at how well you've "weathered the storm"!

    So, in regards to your abundance of eggs, I'm wondering if you plan on using your pre-scrambled eggs for just that, and if you've done it before and found success with this method?

    Take Care and here's wishing you a new year of good health and prosperity!

  10. Hey Kelly! I plan to dehydrate them if I have any left, LOL. If I use them, it will be for dishes I can used scrambled eggs for. It's going to be my first egg dehydrating try but Scifichick says it can be done and I trust her, she's never steered me wrong! Thanks for the kind words.


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