Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh yah, it's that time of year again! It's down right cold overnight now, with temperatures heading toward the mid 20's for the end of this week. I am so not ready to be busting ice in November! But, what can you do other than just go with the flow.

Speaking of cold, have you read next years farmers almanac? Hmmm, cooler than normal and dry all thru the growing season. Might make for some poor crops next season. I hate to think we will see 2 years of drought. The way the almanac is reading, I won't get my warm crops out til mid June! That simply will not do! I will be applying some new techniques to keep the plants warm and growing this coming season.....

ARG, i still owe $500 on the milk cow so it's going to be a while before i get it home and milking for me.

I moved and restacked the 200 bales of hay in the big barn this weekend. I needed to clean up the pile a bit and move it down where I had some room to put the indoor goat pen back in the barn corner. I got a bit of a surprise about half way thru it. 2 possums hiding under a wood pallet! now I know what's been happening to all the chicken eggs! poor Polar Bear had been getting the suspicious looks. I killed one and she killed the other. I am already back up to a dozen eggs a day. I was only finding 3 or 4!

I'm back into the no kits thing. The rabbits have all been bred but no kits. I had this trouble a couple years ago too. I still don't know for sure what it is that causes that. maybe it's the weather change, maybe something else. I just keep breeding and waiting. Sooner or later I'll get a round of kits!

A friend has given me a whole stack of Taste of Home magazines so I'm sure to be cooking up something good this week.........


  1. Your bread looks so good!! I am trying to move some things around in the freezer so I can get more breads put back, I figure if I could do most of my baking once a week or even 2 weeks we would save on the power bill, looking for anyway I can to bring down some costs around the house

  2. You bread DOES look good. Now for the real question......WHERE DO YOU GET ALL OF YOUR ENERGY?!!!!! Send some my way. lol. Missing you in the chat room. hehehehe


  3. heya, we need to get together soon. I'm free after 4:30p Sun thru Thurs and off Fri and Sat.

  4. Hey Debby! I so know what you mean. Seems like every time I turn around, the bills keep getting bigger even tho I have almost nothing plugged into the grid.

    ROFL SFG, sometimes even I don't know how I managed to get it all done. Sometimes it's just stubbornness I think, LOL.

    Anytime Stephanie, I can be around anytime. Would love to have you visit again!

  5. What recipe do you use for your bread...I am looking for one that can be frozen without turning nasty. I found this interesting and disturbing article .As far as another dry summer being forecasted I can definitely say I am not looking forward to it, this past weekend we had a 50 acre brush fire only a couple of miles from us. In the past month and a half we have had less than a inch of rain.

  6. WOW Coley! What an article! I will repost that link! Dang on the brush fire, glad it didn't get ya. I worry about that here too. Rain, what's that? LOL

  7. @coley - the easiest way to freeze your bread without turning "nasty" is to freeze it after you make it, then take it out of the freezer, and while still frozen (so it keeps it's shape and does not get squashed, use a Food Saver to seal it up and suck out all the air so that it does not get freezer burned. Then stick it back in the freezer. I have kept bread six months to a year this way and it is like the day you cooked it up when you thaw it out...

  8. MM,
    If you feel like it, it would be interesting to learn more about your bunny process. I wonder how you know if the does are pregnant, and also how you treat them differently as they approach delivery day.

    One struggling bunny-raiser

    p.s. Your bread looks AWESOME

  9. Hey Milton! Lots of people say put the doe in with the buck but I do opposite. If they are gonna breed, putting the buck into their home lets you know right away. I also put the buck back to them at around 2 weeks into their gestation, they get hostile and squeak if they are bred. Thanks on the bread compliment, I just wish i didn't have to make so much of it! Darn vultures, LOL.


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