Sunday, November 14, 2010

interesting and boring all together

I have a big sugar maple in the side yard. It's huge. Back when we had that inland hurricane, a large side branch had been knocked off it. The tree was apparently not too healthy to start with but you'd have never known, all the branches had leaves on them and it looked good. The truth of it is, the branches are mostly hollowed and every time we get a good storm, another gets knocked out of it. Well, we had another big storm and the tree is about done for. I will need to cut it down sooner or later. I hate to, but there's not much left of it. The branch now laying in the yard has not been cleaned up yet. It's full of bees. I mentioned this before, the bees were getting wiped out by the birds. Well, some made it thru the feeding frenzy and they are still active in the tree branch. I have decided to learn about bees and honey. I didn't come up with this brilliant plan on my own, one of my regular read magazines has a whole beehive article in it. I thought it was Mother Earth News but I just checked the latest issue online and it's not in it. Maybe it was Hobby Farms or Grit. I found this article online over at Living off Grid and it has the top bar beehive as well. This is what I plan to do about the bees before they swarm in the spring. Now, what am I going to do with that huge branch laying in the yard? Oh, I haven't a clue at the moment.

Life here at the farm has been pretty boring the last few weeks. I am spending all my time around here cleaning up after others that live here. I have to say, it's gotten old darn quick. it's hard enough that I do everything around here all by myself anyway but having to play maid to others on top of everything else just pisses me off. Nobody ever misses supper but they sure can't seem to find the dish rag. Everybody loves the cats but nobody can clean up after them. Cats are NOT clean animals. No use putting them out, somebody just lets them back in when I'm not around. ARG is the only polite thing I can think of to say about it right now.

So, instead of catering to others this weekend, I have spent all my time going thru my pantry, looking at my stock of herbs and such. Working out in my mind and on a list, what I need to be concentrating on in the herb garden next season. I have also looked at things I can't grow that I still need to purchase or trade for. Since there isn't a good set-up for trade here yet, I guess the salt, sugar, noodles and various other odd stuff will have to be purchased. I hate that. I hate having to buy anything at all. The whole commercial thing just chaps me.

Here's something depressing. I just owe $200 on the cow and was hoping to have her home this coming weekend. I had a side job set up that would have given me what I needed. It fell thru. On top of that, I turned my front burner on the stove on this morning, the element has apparently burned out. Guess I used it too much. The stove isn't 3 years old yet. This is the same stove the oven element burned out of in just 8 months. It's a Frigidaire glass top. I haven't a clue how to even get to the elements to repair it. I will need to repair it, it's my cheese making element, the one that fits my cheese making pot perfect. Guess I just need to say ARG and move on with it.

You know it's a bad week when even baking bread doesn't cheer me up. This week it felt like a chore, a boring, time consuming, unrewarding chore. Wow, I need a vacation...........


  1. Yes, I hear the ARG. Sometimes it's all I can do to grit my teeth and just do what must be done. When I get past that point things seem a little better, but getting past it is the trick.. But you're still afloat! You aren't going under!!! You have what it takes. You really do.

  2. We're going to be building some top bar hives this winter. Our regular hive was so active this year, we are sure the hive will end up splitting. We hope to catch a swarm or two. I found a lot of good info on this site

  3. I understnad your frustration with the free loaders! Until kids are on thier own they don't have a clue, even then they don't always get it. I wish I could do 1/2 what you do, keep hanging on you are over the top on top of it all!!!

  4. We did a partial inventory of the kitchen cabinets this week too. I want to try my hand (again) at growing herbs. I still have had no luck with them but I'm trying to "be like you" and I'm NOT giving up!! Now I just need to figure out what to plant.
    It truly sucks about your stove. I'm guessing those glass tops aren't easy to repair but I sure do hope I'm wrong.
    As for the cow, I suppose things will happen when they are meant to, but dang, you have been soooo patiently waiting. Come on already with the karma! I've got you in my prayers and sure wish there was more that I could do.
    As for that tree branch in the yard, maybe you should make a "beating stick" or two and start wacking those messy people! (lol I'm watching my language- family blog and all that) < wink >
    Hang in there MM, things are bound to get better!

  5. You are an enabler. It is time to quit cleaning up and doing for those who can do for their selfs. Do your part but no more . Let them live in the mess that they create. When they complain then make it clear what is expected of them. Kids will only do what they are forced to do. Become a drill sargent and whip the soldiers into shape. FK

  6. Yeah, hang in there, MM, cuz the roller-coaster goes down AND up. We had a LOT of bees invade a soffit that didn't fit quite right. Looked like honeybees, so I contacted a bee-keeper friend. His advice-just spray them and be rid of them, but I wanted to "conserve" them. Well, UNTIL they started showing up INSIDE the house. More and more of them were invading, so I took the advice of my 92 year old neighbor and "just sealed them up".
    I won't be getting any honey from that swarm, but we aren't swatting bees inside the house anymore, either. I wish you luck with all your projects.

  7. Like the others said...hang in there, it will get better. I have a question for you. What kind of chickens do you have? I have been thinking about trading my big chickens in for banties...we are just burning through the feed and feed prices are going up. Unfortunately we are not able to grow our own feed just yet. With food prices and gas prices going up,we keep cutting more and more out. By the way I love your blog....

  8. Hey ya'll, thanks for stopping in! Yep FK, I am an enabler, too bad it's the hubby I'm enabling! The kids got a long way to go before they can pull one over on Mom, LOL.

    Coley, I keep Australorps mostly, they are big bodied, take confinement and over crowding well if I choose to pen them up, they lay huge eggs and the meat is full breasted and pink instead of pale yellow. They are also good broodie chickens and protect their clutch well. Banties, I love em but they don't do well versus a dog or possum.

    Milton, wow, I hear the no honey from those bees, yikes! I hope this works out for me since I love honey.

    Thanks for the link mr and mrs Hoosier Homesteader, awesome!

  9. I hope your situation improves and this week of Thanksgiving is one that will fill you with hope and happiness. You're a trooper and that tenacity of yours just might be your best friend!

    Longfellow wrote that the lowest ebb was the turn of the tide. I enjoy that verse for perspective when things feel overwhelming. Happy Thanksgiving Week!

  10. YES! BEES! do it! ;) lol. I am in the cutting stages, but am building a top var beehive from the barefoot beekeeper's plans online. Not as hard or as expensive like it is with the box style. Besides, think of what you can trade/sell with honey. Not that is nature's gold. :)
    I do hope the side job issue works out. Can't wait to read when the heifer gets to your


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