Monday, November 22, 2010

Deer Season Again

There's the huge buck my friend got on Friday morning. I didn't take a better picture because I didn't want anybody to think I got that monster buck, LOL. It was a 13 pointer, monster big! My friend caped it to have it mounted, I don't blame him a bit. Very nice buck. The weekend ended good and I have a freezer full of deer meat. Deer season is always important around this farm because a good portion of our meat comes from hunting. Just another aspect of living as self sustained as we can. After all, we really do practice what we preach here. I spent 3 days butchering deer and am I ever glad that it's done for now! Of course, I still have plenty of cleaning work to do but I can do that as I use the meat.

We're still experiencing a drought here, very little rainfall and we sure are hoping to see some with this warm front. It is 70F here right now with a strong wind blowing. The poor rabbits have been panting all day. They've put on wonderful winter coats. The horses and goats like like huge furballs waiting on the cold weather. the persimmon seeds have spoons in them so I know it's coming......

The cow is not home yet. I still owe $250 on her and the poor weather kept me from any sidejob money last week. Hopefully I can get her home this weekend, side job willing............


  1. awesome...not much luck with deer around here.My dad works down at Joppa(?) during the week and he was telling me about all the deer he sees running down there. Up here though there havent been too many, my bro's brotherin law came across a pile of deer carcasses rotting in the woods with the heads and tenderloins missing. Whenever the property owner finds out who was trespassing heads are gonna roll(possibly literally).Hope the jobs work out for you!

  2. Can't wait till you get your cow home, I know it will be soon!! I would love to learn to make cheese, have no idea where we can get fresh milk around here. Free deer meat is a great blessing, ya for you. I know I could never butcher anything, don't really like to even touch raw meat good thing I love veggies. Who the heck cares about cleaning I think it is over rated except in the kitchen of course.

  3. That buck is BIG!!!!!I would have that thing mounted too! We were butchering deer just last night. I just love to do it. My dad use to have a deer processing business until he retired. I worked there many days and nights. It brings back memories.


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