Monday, October 11, 2010

Rough Week

It was a darn rough week. Today hardly feels like the start of a new week, i'm still trying to recover from the one I just finished! Here I am, sitting in the dinky jeep, all cramped up typing and is there ever a storm rolling in on us. It hasn't rained in so long here, everything is dead. I hate to see it rain like mad for just a couple minutes. That will not help us at all.

As you can see, the kittens haven't a care in the world! Me, I spent the weekend picking my feed corn by hand. I have roughly 70 bushels of corn to shuck now. Not too bad from just a half acre of hand planted corn with no pesticides. The deer were a little bit rough on it but not as bad as i expected. With the dry weather we've had, the corn is low moisture and I havent seen any mold at all yet.

More from around the farm soon.......


  1. Same here it is sooooo dry and had a little rain but did nothing so to speak. I envy animals so much for they take things in stride. I can always learn from them.

  2. Dry here to although we have gotten almost an inch of rain in the past few days and more is forecasted. Alas we also got a deep hard frost last night too, praying it didn't burn the herbs we've not had a chance to harvest yet. The root crops will be fine and the maters, peppers and cold weather greens are in the hoophouse.

    The kittens are adorable, wouldn't it be nice to live such a care free life? I think this especially with winter breathing down our neck and so much to corss off the winter prep list*sigh*

    The corn looks great, we try to do this too, for feed for the chickens as well as for cornmeal for ourselves, nothing like a half acre though. Don't forget to keep those cobs, they make wonderful fire starters, just dip one end in wax and add a wick, works like a charm. Our neighbor dips his in diesel fuel/ kerosene and then lights them, it works too!
    Blessings, rest and productivity for your week,

  3. Hello Diane! I agree and I wish I was so carefree too! LOL

    Hey Kelle! You had a frost too? Hoophouse, way cool! Never thought of dipping the cobs, I use the pine cones for fire starters and the corn cobs for rabbit chews. I'll dip some and give them a try, thanks!

  4. Garsh, MM, you've got my interest up now. 70 bushel from half an acre, that sounds pretty good. A couple questions- 1. with no pesticides how do you keep the weeds down? 2. How much time to pick the 70 bushel? 3. How do you store your corn?

    Milton in Indiana

  5. ROFL Milton, I didn't do worth a hoot compared to commercial fields, they're getting 240 bushel an acre! The weeds, a never ending battle of me crawling thru rows and hand pulling and then tilling. The darn pig weed is horrible. I store my corn now in those plastic burlap sacks since the corn crib blew away in the dericho. It took me 8 days of a couple hours at a time to pick it all. I don't peel the corn off the cob until I'm ready to use it. The more dry it gets, the more falls off the cobs on it's own into the bag bottoms, but it makes it easier to stack and store it.

  6. Maybe there is more room in the back seat of the jeep. Tty that. It is going to get cold in the jeep soon. Any other options?


  7. No back seat! 82 scrambler, just a 2 seater with a short bed. Pretty handy for the farm but uncomfortable for driving or computer time, LOL


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