Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BRRR and ouch

Aw, Cojack loves me. That darn kitten is not happy unless she's laying on me. She sleeps with me even. Oh well, I guess that's what i get for feeding them, LOL.

Downright cold last night, we got our first frost of the season. Looks like the tomatoes are done for now.

A few nights ago, I had a fire going out on the porch and popped some popcorn. I have a hull stuck in my gums, next to a molar and it is now infected. I can't seem to get it pried out and boy, is it uncomfortable! I'm on my third day of salt water rinse, it seems to be helping. Wish I could get to that hull. Hopefully it will push out before too much longer.

I'm still bush hogging for the neighbor and fixing that darn thing every day. Wow, I never thought I would hate a piece of farm equipment as much as I hate that bush hog!

Being gone from the farm for most of the day is really starting to affect my eating habits. Guess I need to roll out of bed a couple hours earlier to get my bread baked. I guess I can survive until the job is done on just 3 or 4 hours of sleep, LOL.


  1. The picture of that kitten is so cute! They do love you. lol. Be careful. 3 or 4 hours of sleep will NOT work. lol

  2. Try Iodine, directly on the gums( the kind for internal use, found at a health food store), otherwise if you can stand it garlic right next to the gum area affected. Clove oil also will help with the pain and any swelling of the gums.

    Your job doesn't sound fun at all. You need to take care and make sure you eat peoperly and get enough sleep, otherwise you'll end up sick.

    Take care and many blessing for your day,

  3. The popcorn hull under the gums--why I no longer eat popcorn, ever. Once, after eating popcorn a week earlier, a hull came out from under my gum. It stayed there that long, withstanding 3-times-a-day brushing and flossing without me ever knowing it was there.

    The times I ate popcorn and KNEW the hulls were in my gums, I was so distracted by the discomfort that it was not worth eating it.Popcorn is soooo annoying.

  4. Garsh. 3-4 hours sleep is, umm, well kinda the sign of the times 'round here during harvest season. LOL. But that ain't counting naps. See if you can't squeeze in a nap sometime during the day. And DO be careful, we enjoy your writing, don't want any interferences with that!


  5. Japanese hull-less popcorn makes a great farmer's market item. Feel better soon.


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