Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Long Week

EW! I just had the ickiest, hairiest spider in the park crawling on my arm. I had to smoosh him, too gross to let him live.

It's been another long week of chasing cows 3 days in a row, moving round bales of hay, mowing down dead grass and weeds, picking up junk. All for someone else. We're headed into our 4th week without a paycheck so I'm not really complaining about working, it is paying for the fuel for hubby to get to his first paycheck. It's just that so much needs done on my own farm. They boy is not doing all he should be from day to day and I am just plain tired of telling him. He knows better and still he is doing such a terrible job. good thing he's my son and not someone that works for me, they would be so fired!

I spent 5 hours today cleaning my kitchen and laundry room. No one else living here can seem to clean up after themselves. They've all wiped out everything I cooked last week for them and left me the mess to clean up. I have not cooked one single thing this weekend.

I brought my tractor home from the neighbors farm tho. I need to turn my corn patch and get wheat planted! the regular garden spot needs turned and compost added to it for the winter.

There's a sugar maple in the yard that has given up the ghost. That beautiful tree was damaged during our dericho and it hung on like a trooper this year but the storm we had Tuesday did her in. 2 more of the main branches have been damaged and broken off. With one huge limb falling came the honey bee hive and the birds are snapping up disgruntled honey bees left and right. I have no way to protect them, they are wild bees and I just can not risk being stung. I hate to see them killed. I will have to wait for them to finish moving their hive before i can clean up the mess in the yard. The whole tree will need removed, I may wait until spring to cut the trunk off.
That makes 3 of my main sources of shade around the farm wiped out this year.

Here's a bit of humor tho, I'll bet this fellow was beside himself! Local resident flushes up young squirrel.
I am so ready to get back to my fall farm schedule. There's still a couple weeks worth of helping the neighbor get her business taken care of before I will be able to take care of my own things. I just can not walk away from a neighbor that needs good, dependable help. It is going to make things tough on me for a little while but that's okay, I can take it. Now, if I can just whip my family into better shape, i'll be all set!


  1. Hit the spider one time for me too! Hate them! Too bad you couldn't save the bees. Such a waste. Hope things get back to normal for you.

  2. Good luck whipping the family, I have never had any luck with that!! How cool that you can help out doing something you love and get paid for it

  3. Milton, god Bless you too!

    LOL SFG, you see all the dang spiders today, they are falling on me, ew!!!!

    LOL Debby, I need me a big stick for them! I do love the farming but it's depressing too since my friend has passed away and I'm doing all that he did. It's a hard reminder every day. he was a good man.


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