Thursday, September 16, 2010

The World, Economy and the Farm

I have often been ridiculed by my peers for not being "herd mentality". I have always preferred to stand alone in what I chose to do, right or wrong. I hate being one in a crowd, I hate crowds. I have never been one to "keep up with the Jones",LOL, I never liked them anyway. This attitude has actually kept me out of trouble more times than not. It has proven beyond a doubt that I chose correctly when we were out of work with no income and we were still eating. There is really something to be said for food on the table when all else fails.

It is hard for me to understand why more people can not see what is happening in our country. The MSM spews lies daily and it seems like no one even notices. I offer these tidbits of news as examples of how pitiful it is now- Mass delusion-american style
10 signs the US is becoming a third world country
18 signs America is rotting

If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. We have given up our frugal upbringing to be pampered by fast food and instant gratification and given away any chance we have at survival. We have lost the art of self reliance. We have become a nation full of people that would rather pay to have it done for them instead of just doing it for themselves. We are even incapable of entertaining ourselves without television or video games. We have drown ourselves in revolving credit and ridiculous percentage rates we can never dream of paying for, leaving us to choose between making the monthly house payment or feeding our kids. In order to survive into the future, we must change ourselves. The world as we have known it is gone. It's not coming back any time soon.

I have taken steps to ensure my own sustainability. I have eliminated all the credit cards and took the time to learn to do as much as I can for myself. Every day, I strive to learn something else that I can use to take care of myself and my family. My plan isn't perfect and not even close to being complete but I keep at it. I keep trying to get others around me to think a little more frugally and do what I can to help them do for themselves instead of having others do it.

Sharing ideas and thoughts with others is a good thing. there's lots of talk out there about the end of the world as we know it. Survivalists have their own views, so do preppers, there's even several different religious views on the subject. Even some scientists and NASA have put their 2 cents in lately. Me, I'm just a simple homesteader. I think if the economy collapses, I will be able to feed myself just fine. If civilization comes to end, at least I won't have to worry about paying my property taxes or inflated insurance premiums!

As I mentioned before, we are truly doomed to repeat history since we are unable to learn from it. We can not continue to buy everything from others and produce nothing for ourselves. You can not keep importing goods when you have nothing to export. Spending money you can not replace is simply not sustainable. To me, this concept is as plain as the nose on my face. Why is it so hard for others to see? This article isn't exactly how I look at it but it's decent enough. Where are the jobs?

Tomorrow is Constitution Day in America. In Ohio, government has banned (tried to anyway) the Andover Tea Party group from having a rally in town square to celebrate our Constitution because they claim the group has "political affiliation". Well, duh. Lawsuit has been filed, ruling should come today. I liked this article named Government using anti-terrorism laws to
crush dissent.

I found this little tidbit as well yesterday. Corn syrup producers change name to "corn sugar" as awareness over health concerns grow. The first 2 ingredients in the cheap blackberry jam that Dollar General sells around here is corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is poison folks, it is in every single prepackaged food item on the grocery shelf. Here's a quote from a book written in the 1940's by Ed and Carolyn Robinson named "The have More Plan". Thanks to Melissa for sharing this wonderful book on her blog. Chapter 13 is called "the importance of raising part of your familys food". {The health of millions of Americans would be far better if every family raised part of the food it eats.} The chapter goes on to talk about the lack of vitamins and minerals of store bought foods and so on. It is a great book written 70 years ago and it applies very well to the world around us right now.


  1. I love the corn syrup part(Food Inc. is a good example) but sadly most Americans will fall for it. Every time I get online or turn on the tv I hear more things telling us where we are at. Today they announced that 1 in 7 households(I believe) are at poverty level, as of 2009.Foreclosure ratings are at extremely high levels, and the jobs are gone and they are not coming back (from Joe Bidens mouth). What is the most frustrating is that people don't seem to be changing from all of this. While some of us keep cutting back, all I see is everyone (a lot of whom I know) are rushing out to buy the latest electronics and cell phones and clothes. I am only 28, but with 2 kids and 1 on the way and fearful of how long my husbands job is going to hold out...buying all that stuff would be completely idiotic. I hate to say this but it is going to have to get a lot worse before a majority of America wakes up...lets just hope its not too late.

  2. Hey Coley, I see it too and I agree with you. $22,000 is poverty level? Is that after the taxes being stolen from the paycheck or before? Either way, it's hardly a living.

  3. Can I just say, I love you blog? Thanks for my dose of reality. Keeps me feeling like I'm not the only one seeing these things.

  4. Yep, I knew I liked you right off, why because you are a stand it alone person! That is what I am like( hermitish) and have suffered being critisized for decades. Well.... funnny thing is the ones who've called me a radical, weird, crazy, nutjob are now asking questions and their attitude has changed from ridicule to I want to know but don't want to admit you are right, LOL!!!!

    I posted a link to an interview on our blog, that I 100+% agree with, especially as a small local farmer, trying to eeek out a living.

    Keep those words of wisdom coming, MM, eventually they'll come out from under their indoctrination glaze and see what is their reality now!*sigh*
    Blessings and Hugs,

  5. MM, you got it clearly in your sights. You get it. And you will come out WAY ahead when it all comes down. Thanks for sharing your insight and experience! It will all be worth it soon when the "greater depression" is finally acknowledged and hits with full force...

  6. Good post. I see the MSM crap too. It is hard to know what to believe, except that this country is on a major crash course. It is like being on the sinking Titanic, yet we continue to serve tea and cake. We need to wake up.

  7. MM, takes one to know one!! Ironically I have been called a "throw back" or "Pollyanna" by some people. (Who's laughing now??)

    Watching anything called "news" on the TV is nothing more than a set-up for State-controlled blather. Like you, I get my news online from a number of sources because I'm not interested in that Chrissy Matthew's tingle-up-the-leg or any diversion tactics used to keep uninformed Americans focused on fabricated crises when the real crisis is in our government, the WH, politikers, and our American ambivalence to the entitlement ideology.

    The intentional destruction of America is very planned, yet people remain ignorant of the overall picture. The planned obsolescence of a health US economy was radically changed through Clinton and NAFTA and then came the loss of jobs as our manufacturing and some service jobs went "global". Bubbles burst in the housing and financial markets, and the government took control of the automobile market. So in just 2 years we have TARP, Stimulus #1 and now #2, and let's not forget Obamacare and all of the cha-ching needed to add that into the pile of government entitlements.

    Personally, I smell more "global justice" ideology around the corner -- it will serve to finish our economy off with some new currency after they spend more to destroy the USD. Intentional destruction -- spend what we don't have to intentionally collapse the US Dollar so a new, global currency will be more easily brought in. And who gets rich on THIS scheme? Just follow those same regulated energy nutjobs who want to enact carbon-trading alongside the increased production of big-ag poison "food" as they regulate "the little people".

    I'm not playing that game and I don't buy those rules. Probably because like you, I'm not of that herd mentality. lol

    Whew. That rant felt good.....

  8. I have been called eccentric, hermit, and too stingy. Yet, those same women who were disdainful of my staying at home while they went to clubs to find the next husband are not at all disdainful now. Rather than get the next couple of husbands and a kid or two by the husbands and end up divorced AGAIN, I was careful and worked to pay off my house and car. Yes, I would have liked to go on some of the vacations. But, I perservered toward my goal. Even though it was sometimes almost beyond my means to make the house payment, I did it my way, for good or bad. Yes, I am the one who does not smoke, drink, get manicures, support a menagerie, or buy the latest trends. Milk and juices,unsweetened iced tea,and home-cooking are a lifestyle that has left me looking years younger and much healthier than acquaintances hell-bent on consuming and keeping up with others. While I made my own clothing and clothing for others who paid me, I was pointed out as a classy dresser. I only had one pattern, and I made that myself.By the way, I am not a recluse/hermit, I just prefer the company of people in another

  9. Hey Mayb! good to see ya!

    Practical, I hear ya! I am exactly the same.

    Lynn, rant on! I love it and it's always welcome here. Thank you for sharing.

    Scott and Pam, wow, cool analogy, I never thought of that one.

    Hey Kelle! Thanks, I read your blog post. Inspiring and it rings true I hope!

  10. Hey MM, I really like your post. I think we must have been separated at birth. lol. I couldn't have said it better


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