Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too much produce?

I found this tidbit of news yesterday and saved it to read when I got home. Boy, did it ever fire me up! I wanted to run right back to the park and make another blog post! Alas, I had to wait until this afternoon to get to the internet connection and my fired up attitude was dampened by finding my favorite cat run over. Poor Mozart, now I have 3 tiny kittens to look after.

Anyway, here's the story, County Sues Farmer;too many crops. I find this whole thing to be absolutely ridiculous. How is this even possible in America? Every single person around him needs to immediately turn their lawns into gardens and grow fruits and vegetables in protest of this idiotic county and their harassment of this man.

On a side note, here's a piece of good news... The 1099 insurrection.


  1. Said but not really surprising, we recived a complaint from our home owner ass. not long ago that we had too many cars parked on the street. Our family has Sunday dinner at our home each week, they all drive cars,shocking!! Our responce to them was 1.) we don't belong to your silly group 2.) show me a law saying families can't gather for a meal once a week 3.)all of the cars are parked in front of our home or in our drive 4.) We are breaking no noise ordinances 5.) you are welcome to join us any time you would like to share a meal, I am a heck of a cook. We have never heard another word from any of them. More than likley this poor guy had someone in his neighborhood that had a beef with him and found a way to unleash his wrath, cities and counties are all looking for ways to bring in some quick badly needed bucks. Now that I think about it my grandchildren help me pick veggies in the garden, wonder if I could get slaped with a child labor citation?

  2. Okay, so this productive American property owner is charged with violating DeKalb County Code but there are 12-20 million illegals in America who have violated City, County, State, and Federal laws (and not just "trespassing" laws, either) and they are now being freed through ICE. Only the Government could think this stuff up....

  3. This is possible because the guy lives in the big city. If you have any doubts, Dekalb county is the big city. It was a decent suburb of Atlanta 35+ years ago. If you live in the big city you have to play by the rules even if the rules are silly.

  4. I had a really weird response to this news story when I heard it on Back Yard Chickens @ blog talk. My eyes welled up with tears. I was so mad, but also scared. There is a conspiracy theory that the gov. is on its way to taking away our right to produce our own food. And I thought; My gosh, it's happening!

    And then I realised that the city is going to make $5,000 from sueing this poor guy. It's probably just a money grab. I hope.


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