Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lots to talk about-updated

Oh my, has the past few days been a roller coaster ride...... Okay, let's start at the beginning which was a week ago Sunday night...The ventilation fan for the coal mine hubby works in goes down, it's broke, needs parts, gonna be a couple days. A couple days turns into 4 and he goes back to work Thursday night for his regular Friday shift. Sunday morning we get a call, his cousin and good friend (my friend too) has passed away from a heart attack. Sunday night comes around, he goes to work and they call him aside and fire him. Something about a single piece of paper he did not even know he was supposed to fill out over his underground injury a month ago. So, he comes home jobless. Monday we spend all day passing out resumes, filing his unemployment claim and talking about how we are going to cover our mortgage ( haven't paid it this month yet, property taxes wiped us out). Tuesday morning a call comes in, we take a drive and hubby has a new job he will start Sunday night. The Tuesday evening wake and the Wednesday morning funeral were pretty hard on both of us. Meanwhile, we have 3 tiny kittens pooping all over the house, all 3 are sick, the daughter had a blowout on our purple truck as well. No spare of course and the tread peeled off and ripped part of the fender well off the truck too. At least she made it to work, going the last half block on the flat. The goats keep escaping and some do-gooder driving by had the consideration to call the state police and complain my goats were too close to the road for them. needless to say, the police officer was very polite and asked if we'd try to keep them from grazing by the end of the drive and left right away. Funny thing is, he didn't have anything to say about the 30 year old sway backed horse that's been wandering all over the farm for the past 4 months.

So, it's been a pretty wild and stressful few days. The dishes need done, the floors need mopped, the laundry needs washed and I need some time to reflex and cry over the loss of my friend.

Meanwhile, life continues to go by............


  1. ARGH!! I can't believe you left us hanging! lol

  2. LOL, okay HP, there ya go, it's updated.

  3. Dang....when it rains it pours. I am glad to hear your hubby found a job right away. Sorry to hear about your friend. As far as the goats go...well at least the guy didn't steal them.My bro and his family live up the road from us,they have nubians and nigerian dwarfs. Some guy driving by the other day reached over the fence, grabbed the dwarf and sped off. Luckily my bro saw it and chased him down and got the goat back after a 10 minute chase and a few choice words and a call to the cops. Whats sad is the guy had his family in the car...ignorant. Don't worry things will get better.

  4. Man and I thought I was having a bad week!!! So sorry about your loss, hope that you can take the evening off and just beeeee! Glad your hubby found a job so fast, I think I might make a call to the labor board and ask for a little help with the old company, might be that it was a unlawful termination, OSHA might also be intrested in his case. Goverment seems to be the only ones that are making any money, might as well give them something to do with our taxes by looking into your husbands case!! Ha

  5. Oh wow:( Sorry to hear about your friend,and all the rest. Will keep you in prayers:)


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