Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting a bit Wormy

Today I am a little miffed. I'm sitting here, at the park, minding my own business when a woman pulls up in a mini van, starts unloading a bunch of items, says to me "we're going to have a meeting here, are you going to move?" Uhm, I don't think so. She looked at me like I was the boogeyman, stomped off and set up in the next pavilion down. Public park, 3 pavilions and I need to move?

Anyhoo, I just read this interesting article on one of my favorite subjects, MSG. That's right, monsodium glutamate. This will not be the first time I lament on how terrible this poison is and how it is in everything available for consumption on the commercial food shelf. this nasty little bugger has no smell, no flavor and is used to make you addicted to a particular food item. Sweet, huh?

So, on that note, how about another installment of 'grow your own food"? Carrots are the vegetable of choice today. These sweet little roots are easy to grow provided you have soil that is deep, loose and stone free. The more organic matter in it, the better. Carrots like regular waterings and prefer to be moist but not soaked. Carrots also prefer a moderate amount of nitrogen, over fertilizing causes root branching and you end up with nothing like what you are used to seeing when you imagine carrots. Raised bed planting is ideal and they will grow well in containers provided they have adequate room for root growth. A pH level of 5.5 to 7.5 will support carrots but they prefer slightly below neutral. Plant your seeds 1/2" deep, lightly covered, rows 12" apart in full sun. 59 to 80 days to harvest.

Oh, remember 2 posts back? Here's a tidbit from a fellow that has the same ideas about where our country is headed as I do. Deindustrialization of America. Interesting read.

I am a bit wormy today, we've completely run out of cash. there's $1.07 in the bank account, the paycheck (acutally 2 still owed to him) from the mine hubby was let go from has not arrived in the mail yet, big surprise. His physical is Tuesday morning, 90 miles from here and the mortgage will be defaulted in 5 days. Geez, I so hate this kind of stress! So, I'm most certainly wormed out. I'm trying really hard to not scarf down the entire bowl of cookie dough I made last night. Chocolate chip cookies always make me feel better, LOL.


  1. Your link to the MSG-article says "file:///C:/Users/double%20M%20farm/Documents/news-10668-0-6-6--.html" meaning you've accidentally managed to link to a file on your computer, not an article online.

  2. With the deindustrialization of America, we won't even be able to afford the hamburgers we will be flipping! Thanks for that link.

  3. thanks for the link on deindustrialisation, we have the same in the UK, people squander chances as everything is so easy, manufactoring has moved abroad and we're increasingly left jobless. people have themselves to blame because they are lazy and want everything done for them

  4. Eat the chocolate chip cookies! If that makes you feel better, that's what you NEED! At this point, don't deny yourself something you can have.

  5. LOL, I sat on the couch and ate some of the cookie dough, enough to make myself sick! LOL

    Thank you Penny, the link is fixed now, sometimes I'm such a dope, LOL.

    You're all welcome for the link. It's really an eye opener when you can see facts about any given subject, especially one with so much controversy. It's what I keep saying, this country is deep, deep trouble and nobody notices.


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