Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts on 'dirty" food

You know, I was just thinking about chickens and eggs. Not a big leap since the huge egg recall is all over the news. 3 of the brand names on the recall list are popular brands sold almost at every grocery around here. Salmonella is a nasty bacteria. It can give you all sorts of nasty sickness. I actually know a little bit about this particular bacteria. When I first introduced chickens to this farm, all my horses suffered from a bout of Salmonella from eating the chicken droppings.

There is no fresher, healthier for you egg than the one just laid right here on the farm in a clean straw nest by a free ranging chicken. No chicken poop in the nest or stuck to the backside of the chicken to spread Salmonella, the egg shell is spotless so there is no reason to "dip" it in some dirty bucket of antibacterial solution 10,000 other eggs got dipped into first.

Our government via the FDA and the USDA is now calling for "stricter" food safety laws. Of course they are! Let's have stricter measures in place so no one but large corporations with tons of bribe money can produce food. Wake up folks, commercially produced food is poisoning us and the amount of antibiotics being pumped into those poor critters is making us immune to medications we'd need to cure what ails us from eating commercially produced food.

Hmmm, that food co-op is looking better and better, eh? Time to find a farmer and make friends. Or, better yet, produce that food for yourself!


  1. In my part of the country, I see many abandoned chicken coops or maybe turkey coops and wonder how many USDA and FDA regulations put small local farmers out of business in the name of food purity. I here there even dairy farms and this area can get very hot and dry during the summer. I doubt I would pay that much more for local food than what is trucked in to the store.

  2. Boring fact, American meat can not be exported to Europe as it is considered contaminated by the antibiotics fed to the animals

  3. It's pretty easy to raise your own chickens, but many cities and towns have laws against that sort of thing.

  4. sth, I get your point of view and the hoops one must jump thru to get a health certificate for commercial sales is outrageous. I would personally pay anything to have food I knew wasn't urinated on or sprayed with poisons, contaminated with rat and mouse droppings etc.

    Frugal, I don't find that one bit surprising at all. It's almost a joke here in the USA, the millions of tons of steroids and antibiotics pumped into our meat supply. It's all about the money, the more animals they can cram in the feedlot, the better. It's sickening, isn't it? Our government says it's just fine to do that too, no matter we're all immune to hundreds of medications now.

    Bitmap, I know it. It's all about control and money I think (and probably one cranky old lady, LOL)

  5. well I went to the farm today to get my eggs and grass fed beef. I actually went into the coop to pick up an extra 6 eggs. Having had fresh eggs I don't ever wanna go back go back. Having had grass fed beef I don't relish the possibility of eating beef hopped up on antibiotics. Having grinding fresh wheat I now know the difference between bitter stale flour and sweet tasty bread made from fresh. Anyway all it takes is just a tiny effort to change and for me it is all worth it

  6. Woohoo Manfort! LOL, you're infected, you're doomed, LOL. No more nasty food for you! Folks that have never eaten anything but store bought food just do not understand how nasty it really is. I almost feel bad for them.


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